Dance, Dance is the 6th Episode of New Beginnings.


Michelle holds auditions for the nationals team.


In Studio 1, A-Troupe is Dancing. Hannah says "this is a new season and we are the regionals Champions." Cameron says "A-Troupe is the best and I can't wait for nationals." Brynn says "I was an Alternate at regionals and I need to make the new team this season. Kylie says "I can't believe that I was an alternate at regionals."

Intro-Michelle, Skylar and Kylie then Nia and Robbie then Maddie and Kendal then Jamie and Hannah then Cameron and Elliot then Brynn and Daniel. End pose is Skylar, Kylie, Hannah, Jamie, Cameron, Maddie, Michelle, Nia, Elliot, Kendal, Robbie, Brynn and Daniel.

In Studio 1, New dancers enter the studio waiting to auditions. Old members of A-Troupers enter the studio. Kylie says "this is a new beginning." Michelle says "Hi everyone theses are the a-troupe auditions. I have spilt you into 4 groups." Richelle says "in the first group is Jamie, Heather, Georgia, Jake, Tyler, Sloane and Fran." They all audition. Michelle says "in the second group is Kylie, Skylar, Elliot, Ella, Zara, Emily and Luke." They all audition. Kylie says this is going to be harder to make A-Troupe again. Richelle says "the third group is Kendal, Nia, Chloe, Robbie, Maddie, Cameron, Jordan and Danielle." They audition for the nationals team. Richelle says "the final group is Brynn, Daniel, Hannah, Jacquie, Lynn, Tony and Ben." They audition.

Michelle and Richelle go to the office. Then they leave. Michelle announces the new A-Troupe. Michelle says "the new A-Troupe is Steven, Luke, Robbie, Jordan, Elliot, Skylar, Georgia, Heather, Maddie, Chloe, Nia and Brynn." Kendal says "I am the dance captain and now I am an B-Trouper." The other dancers head to the locker room. Emily says "I am a Arco dancer and I wanted to be part of A-Troupe." Then Kendal enters. Kendal says to Sloane "I really wanted to be on A-Troupe again but it looks like that will not happen because I am on B-Troupe."

In Studio A, Danielle is dancing a solo. Danielle says "I am new to the studio and now I am on B-Troupe". Then Fran enters and says to Danielle "you are at the studio that won internationals. We need to work as a team if we want to be part of A-Troupe." Meanwhile in studio 1, Michelle tells A-Troupe that they need to start work on the routines fo Nationals. Richelle tells the team that they need a new dance captain and they choose Heather. Heather is shocked to find out that she is going to be the new dance captain.

In the music room, Amy is dancing to falling apart. Amy says "I have tried everything and now I think I need to move on from the studio since Piper, Sloane and Cassie have left the studio and now I am on my own." Then Piper enters and says "I heard about your audition for the nationals team." Amy says "what are you doing here". Piper says "do you remember the zero percent club dance". Amy says "yes I do." Piper and Amy start dancing and then it has Sloane and Cassie and by the end of the dance, Amy realises that the studio isn't her home anymore and then leaves.

In TNS Drinks Shop, Michelle meets Thalia and Eldon. Thalia says "every thing has changed since we were here." Michelle says "it sure has, do you remember the internationals team." Eldon says "this are the great memory's that we all have at the studio." Then Giselle enters with Amanda. Giselle says "theses are the old members of A-Troupe." Michelle suggests that they come to studio 1 to show the new A-Troupe what they have to live up to. In studio 1, Michelle invites the old international team to come and perform for the new A-Troupe. Then music starts. Then Noah, Max, James, West, Cierra, Giselle, Stephanie, Eldon, Michelle, Amanda and Thalia start dancing and Heather says "this is the internationals team that won internationals the first time." The dance ends. Michelle thanks the dancers for coming back at such short notice.

In Studio 1 an hour later, Michelle challenges the dancers to choreography a routine in one hour. Heather says "why don't we have 4 in middle, 6 at the back and then two at the front." Maddie suggests that they have 6 in middle and 3 at the back. Meanwhile in Studio a, Michelle tells Danielle that she is a J-Trouper with David, Max (New Beginnings), Jake, Mackenzie, Kira and Chantel.


  • A-Troupe is now Steven, Luke, Robbie, Jordan, Elliot, Skylar, Georgia, Heather, Maddie, Chloe, Nia and Brynn.
  • Amy has quit dancing at the next step.
  • B-Troupe now contains Emily (New Beginnings), Beth, Shannon, Tamica, Hannah, Kendal, Jacquie, Tyler and Jamie.
  • J-Troupe is Danielle, David, Max, Jake, Mackenzie, Kira and Chantel.
  • Cameron has left the next step.
  • Emily (Season 1) is incharge of B-Troupe.
  • Richelle is incharge of J-Troupe.
  • The Next Step Dance Studio are the regionals champions.