Dance, Lies And Secerts is the 2nd episode of Season 4 of New Beginnings. This episode was aired on the 13th October 2017 on CBBC


A-Troupe is put to the test when an former member tries to compete against them, Riley May lose her job, Kate takes control. Michelle becomes dance captain of A-Troupe but is she ready.


In Studio 1, A-Troupe is rehearsing then Elliot, Richelle, Amy, Josh, Alfie, Danielle, Zara, Skylar, Cierra, Abi, Ethan and Max enter. Michelle says “what are you doing here.” Elliot says “this is war Michelle, Riley May lose her job because Kate has put us onto her new A-Troupe.”

intro: Henry and Frazer, Michelle and Piper, Robert and Zoe, Robbie and Charlie, Issac and Faith, Daniela and Skye. The end pose is Robert, Zoe, Daniela, Skye, Issac, Robbie, Michelle, Piper, Frazer, Henry, Faith and Charlie.

In Studio A, Kate is watch her A-Troupe dance. Kate tells A-Troupe that Richelle is their second dance captain of her TNS West. In Studio 1, Michelle is rehearsing her solo then Riley says (Talking Heads) “Michelle is my best female dancer on A-Troupe I think she should be Dance captain again.” Riley says “Michelle, I would like you to be the new dance captain of TNS East.” Michelle says (talking heads. Talking heads caption says new Dance captain) “I cannot believe that I am the new dance captain of TNS East. I cannot wait to see what TNS West comes up with.”In Studio A, Richelle is watching TNS West dance. Then Emily enters. Kate announces that she can‘t be their studio head anymore since she is a judge of the competition between East and West. Emily is the new studio head. Elliot says “I cannot wait to see who is going to be on the regionals team.”

In Studio 1, Riley makes announcement that she is leaving and Amanda is going to be the new studio head of TNS East. Noah says (Talking Heads) “this is so weird that Amanda is the new studio head.” In Neutral Grounds, Kate meets the head choreographer team she says that they have choice go to a new studio or join a team.” In Studio A, Emily is watching TNS West dance, then she sees Riley walking past. Emily says “what are you doing here.” Riley says “I am no longer studio Head Of TNS East. (Talking Heads. Talking heads caption says Former Studio Head) It is really weird leaving the next Step since it has been my home for so long and now it’s over.”

In Studio 1, A-Troupe is rehearsing. Faith says (Talking Heads. Talking heads caption says Contemporary Dancer) “Being on A-Troupe is weird but I cannot wait to dance at regionals.” Skye says (Talking Heads. Talking heads caption says Jazz Dancer) “I love being on A-Troupe with my best friends Zoe and Daniela.” Amanda enter and says “Hi A-Troupe, we need to start work on a new routine for the dance battle.”


  • Kate is incharge of TNS
  • TNS East has Michelle, Piper, Frazer, Henry, Issac, Robert, Robbie, Faith, Skye, Daniela, Zoe and Charlie.
  • TNS West has Elliot, Richelle, Amy, Josh, Alfie, Danielle, Zara, Skylar, Cierra, Abi, Ethan and Max.
  • TNS East’s Dance Captain is Michelle
  • TNS West‘s Dance Captain is Richelle
  • TNS East‘s Studio Head is Amanda
  • TNS West’s Studio Head Is Emily