Dance-A-Thon is the 4th Episode of Season 2 of New Beginnings. It is the 14th episode of New Beginnings.


A-Troupe holds an Dance-A-Thon to attempt to get new dancers joining the studio. Then former members of A-Troupe shows up.


In Studio A, A-Troupe is getting ready for the dance-a-thon. B-troupe dancers come in. Then slowly behind them Amy and Cassie enter. Piper says "i thought that they were part of Steps. This is not good."


In Studio B, Amy and Cassie are practicing a duet for the Dance-A-Thon. Then Alfie enters. Alfie says "I thought that they left the next step." In Studio A, A-Troupe is waiting for Emily. Emily enters and says "the dancers competing in the dance-a-thon are Max, Cierra, Lola, Piper, Danny and Robbie." Michelle says "I have got to rehearse my solo so I am ready for Nationals." Michelle head to Studio 1, Giselle is in there working with Zara, Beth, Charlie and Jacquie. Michelle says "are you going to be in here long." Giselle says "no, do you need the space." Michelle says "not yet I'll come back later."

In The Music Room, Richelle and Luke are working on the duet for Nationals. Richelle says "we are 4 days away from Nationals. We need to work on the routines for Nationals." In Studio A, The dance-A-Thon is going well. Cierra says "it is amazing to be make on the nationals troupe." Danny says "i think i may have crush on Cierra, She is amazing dancer but I don't know if she likes me." Danny says to Robbie "do you think i should ask out Cierra." Robbie says "Danny, you should go for it." Danny walks up to Cierra. Cierra says hi do you want something. Danny says "do you want to go on a date with me." Cierra says "i think it is great that someone is asking me out but I am not ready for a relationship."

In Studio A, A-Troupe is waiting for Emily. Emily says "the alternates are Vanessa and Kenzie." Emily says "Michelle you are the only dancer that knows what Nationals is like so I need her to be featured in the routines." Then B-Troupe enters. Emily says "I would like to say that the b-troupers are here to see us off."


  • Kenzie and Vanessa are alternates.