Do what I want is the 1st episode of New Beginnings. It aired on the 25th July 2017 in the UK.


Michelle and Piper holds auditions for A-Troupe.


A-Troupe is dancing in studio A to We are the one. Richelle says "me and Noah are the only ones still part of A-Troupe". Riley says "I am dancing because I have step down from Studio Head. Now I want to audition for A-Troupe again." Noah says "I am the new soloist of A-Troupe." Michelle says "I am the new studio head and Piper is the new head choreographer of the next Step." Piper says "this is an new year a new beginning." The end pose is Michelle, Piper, Noah, Richelle and Riley.

Intro: Michelle then Noah and Richelle then Piper and Riley. The end pose is Noah, Richelle, Piper, Michelle and Riley.

In studio a, Michelle and Piper are deciding on how the auditions will run. Then new dancers start arriving. Robbie, Caitlin and Matthew enter. Robbie says "looks like I have a lot to live up to since we are joining the team that won internationals." Michelle welcomes them to Studio a. Matthew says "we have come from the United Kingdom." Michelle says "wow, so you are coMing here for a Flesh start." Piper says "you may want to meet Riley, Noah and Richelle are they were part of the Internationals team." Then other dancers start arriving. Josh, Skylar (New Beginnings) arrives at studio a. Skylar says "are you ready to audition for this team."

Michelle says "this is how the auditions are going to go, is that we will split you into two teams. The first group is Jessica, Robbie, Elizabeth, Caitlin, Jamie, Josh, Skylar, Matthew, Tamica, Richelle, Noah, Riley. The second group is Beth, Sophie, Cameron, Shane, Hannah, Casey, LaTroy and Sloane." The first team goes and michelle says "Riley is really struggling with the choreography but I know that she is better than that." Then the second group goes and They perform really well.

Then Michelle and Piper head to the office. Then they come out and announce the new A-Troupe. Piper says "If you hear your name called out you have made A-Troupe. Richelle, Noah, Robbie, Cameron, Skylar, Tamica, Jessica, Josh, Hannah, Shannon, Caitlin and Jamie." Michelle says "well done the rest of you, you are now invited to B-Troupe." Then caitlin gets a message from her mom and then is told that she can no longer Dance at the next Step. Then Kylie enters. Kylie says "sorry I late."

In studio b, The other auditionee's are wondering if they want to join B-Troupe. Riley says "I quitting the next step and finding a another way to get on To A-Troupe." Michelle congrats the new members of A-Troupe. And says "we need to start getting ready for regionals."


  • This is the 1st episode of New Beginnings.
  • A-Troupe contains Richelle, Noah, Kylie, Shannon, Hannah, Josh, Tamica, Jessica, Robbie, Skylar, Cameron and Jamie.
  • Riley is now a B-Trouper.
  • Caitlin had to leave the next Step due to family issues. But she will reappear in future episodes.
  • Skylar is a contemporay dancer and was from Superstar dance academy.