Forever friends is the 2nd episode of Season 2 of New Beginnings. It is the 12th over all


Lola and Richelle get a duet. Myles try's to get on to A-Troupe.


In Studio 1, A-Troupe waits for Emily. Emily arrives a little bit late with a new dancer Kenzie. Emily says "Everyone this is Kenzie she will be joining the team." Michelle says "who's leaving?" Emily says "Zara, you are not going to nationals."

Intro - Michelle and Kenzie then Robbie and Kingston then Piper and Danny then Josh and Vanessa then Carly and Luke then Lola and Richelle.

In Studio 1, Emily says "we are competing at a duet competition and I have chosen Lola and Richelle." Michelle says "who is Dance captain." Emily says "well, I think I will have to do a quiz on your fellow dancers." Lola says "would you like to start work on our duet since now you are no longer Dance captain." Richelle says "I was thinking that you would come with me to see has the best knowledge on our fellow dancers."

In Devon Rock, Emily quizzes Michelle, Richelle, Lola and Carly on their fellow dancers. Emily says "who had the highest kicks in the studio." Michelle says "Amanda." Emily says "correct." Emily says "List all the old dance captains of A-Troupe." Michelle says "You, Me, Amanda, Richelle, Heather, Skylar and Kendal and oh of choice miss Kate." Emily says "that's correct."

In Studio A, Robbie, Danny, Piper and Luke are rehearsing a routine for nationals. In Devon Rock, Emily says "Michelle you are the best and now your dance captain, you can choose a assistant captain." Michelle says "Richelle and Lola." Emily says "ok are you happy with this decision." Lola says "I am happy to be the assistant captain with Richelle." Richelle says "I thought that I would have been chosen to be Dance captain of A-Troupe but I am happy to be assistant captain."

In Devon Rock, Emily meets Michelle. Michelle says "how are you." Emily says "I am fine and I wanted to talk to you." Michelle says "what about." Emily says "well we are getting new dancers joining the studio and they are real good better than some members on A-Troupe. Do you think I should re-audition the team." Michelle says "I understand where Emily is coming from but we are a month away from going to nationals." Emily says "ok, since your dance captain you will not have to audition for your spot neither will Richelle."

In Studio 1, Emily and Michelle announce that she is re-auditioning the nationals team. In group one we have Cierra, Max, Alexandra, Alfie, Finn, Josh and Kenzie. They perform and they do really well. Michelle says "in group two we have Sasha, Vanessa, Carly, Lola and Luke." They perform really well. Emily says in the last group with have Piper, Ethan, Robbie, Kingston, Danny and Yasmine. Emily, Michelle and Richelle head to the office.

In Studio 1, Emily announces the new nationals team. Emily says "we have Michelle, Richelle, Max, Cierra, Finn, Josh, Piper, Kenzie, Robbie, Lola, Danny and Vanessa." Michelle says "thank you for auditioning and we love to have you on B-Troupe." Finn says "I can't believe I made the new team. Myles is my younger brother and he didn't audition. But I am happy to be with my older brother Robbie."


  • neutral Grounds was replaced by Devon rock
  • Robbie has two younger brothers Finn and Myles.
  • A-Troupe is now Michelle, Richelle, Max, Cierra, Finn, Josh, Piper, Kenzie, Robbie, Lola, Danny and Vanessa.