Fun and Games is the 7th episode of Season 3 of New Beginnings


TNS South get more dancers. Summer finds out something about TNS South.


In Studio B, New dancers enter. Zoe, Charlotte, Kyle, Hani, Isabella and keith are getting ready to audition for TNS South. Isabella says "I am looking forward to dancing at the next step."

Intro - Henry and Frazer, Michelle and Summer, Robbie and Chloe, Jacquie and piper, Issac and Callum, Zara and Lola.

In Studio 1, A-Troupe is rehearsing ready for internationals. Then Emma enters and says “hope your ready because you are going to lose.” Giselle says “at least I have a full team.” In Studio 2, TNS South is rehearsing then Summer enters the studio to get her bags. In Neautral Grounds, Heather tells the owner that she is leaving. Then Sloane, Henry, LaTroy, Alfie, Cassie and Skylar enter. Cassie says “the studio has changed so much but this isn’t where I belong.” Sloane says “I have learnt so much from everyone at this studio and now it time to leave.”

In Studio 1, A-Troupe is rehearsing, Henry says “this studio is amazing and I am so lucky to be on this team.” Frazer says “I am looking forward to dancing at Internationals as the male soloist.” In Studio 2, Emma is watching TNS South. Zoe says “TNS South is the best place to be.” Emma says “I have an chosen a dance captain.” Amy, Yasmine and Ozzy asks her “who” Emma says “Amy.” Amy says “me, I can’t believe that I am the dance captain of TNS South. TNS East doesn’t have a chance against us.”

In Studio 1, Michelle is rehearsing a solo then the bros enter. Henry says to Robbie “you like her don’t you”. Issac says “you should go for it.” Giselle says “can you get the team together, I have an announcement to make.” Then A-Troupe enters and Giselle’s announcement can effect the team. Giselle welcomes Robert, Ben, Harry, David, Luke pollard and Daniela. Michelle says “what are they doing here?” Giselle says “well, lets say they audition for B-Troupe and they will be joining A-Troupe when we return.”


  • A-Troupe has six new dancers joining the team after internationals.