In Our Arms is the 3rd episode of Season 3 of New Beginnings.


An old dancer returns. and the dancer creates her own troupe.


In Studio 1, Amy enters and says that Steps isn't where she didn't want to be there anymore. She starts dancing then Piper enters. Piper says "what is Amy doing here I thought that she was captain at Steps."

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Summer and Brandon, Mavis and Tyler, Noah and Jacquie, Kingston and Callum, Lola and Richelle. End Pose is Kingston, Tyler, Lola, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Piper, Summer, Richelle, Brandon, Callum and Mavis.

In Studio A, Michelle is dancing to home. Michelle says "I am dancing alone with out A-Troupe, this is what I remember about the next Step. My time at the next step is just beginning and it is the best thing in the world." Lola, Richelle and Mavis enters Studio A. Mavis says "Michelle is an amazing dancer and no wonder why she is miss nationals Soloist." Lola says "Michelle, well she is absolutely an amazing dancer and friend." Michelle says "what are you doing here rehearsal doesn't start yet." Richelle says "I know. I wanted to see if you knew where Kate is."

In Studio 1, Amy says "I am starting back up TNS West because some dancers didn't make the cut and I need to make my move fast." B-Troupers enter, Briana (an former member of TNS West) says "I hope Amy understands what she is doing." Amy says "who would like to join my troupe." Briana, Zara, Josh, Henry, Heather, Amanda and Pagie join TNS West. Piper overhears and runs to Studio A. In Studio A, A-Troupe is rehearsing and then Piper comes running in and says "Amy has started up TNS West again." Kate says "I need to put an end to this once and for all."

Kate enters and says to Amy "if you wanted to go to internationals than get some dancers from some where else." Amy says "I am changing the name of TNS West to Amy's Dance Academy. Looks like TNS vs ADA." Kate says "you don't have a full team whereas I do." Then Kate leaves. Kevin, Jasmine, Danielle enter and joins Amy's team. In Studio A, Kate tells A-Troupe about Amy's new studio. Michelle says "what, Amy has started her own studio."

Intro Elite - Amy and Briana, Zara and Josh, Henry and Heather, Kevin and Jasmine, Paige and Amanda. End Pose, Amanda, Briana, Henry, Zara, Heather, Amy, Kevin, Paige, Jasmine and Josh.

In Studio 1, Amy announces that Emily is the new studio head. Emily says "I am re-naming Amy's studio to Elite Dance Academy." Then Paige says "I hope I Get featurned in some dances." In studio A, Kate says "good job today." Everyone leaves apart from Piper. In Studio 1, Emily says "I have chosen a new dance captain and it is Amanda." Paige says "Amanda is one of the amazing dancers on A-Troupe."


  • There are two intros
  • Emliy is Studio head of Elite Dance Academy
  • Elite's A-Troupe is Amy, Henry, Kevin, Paige, Amanda, Josh, Zara, Heather, Jasmine and Briana.
  • Amanda is Dance captain of elite.