Into the groove is the 2nd episode of new beginnings


a new dancer arrives at the studio. Michelle chooses a new dance captain. Skylar and Kylie go head to head for the spot.


In Studio A, A-Troupe is rehearsing a routine. Richelle says "I hope I get to be Dance captain this year." As they rehearse Michelle is trying to think of someone that should be Captain of A-Troupe.

Intro: Michelle, Richelle and Noah then Robbie and Skylar then Cameron and Tamica then Jessica and Josh then Hannah and Shannon then Kylie and Jamie.

In studio a, Michelle tells A-Troupe that She has Chosen Skylar as the new dance captain. Skylar is overjoyed when she finds out that she is the new dance captain. Then a new dancer enters the studio. Yasmine says "I am arriving at the studio because I am thinking of switching studio." Michelle says "wow we keep getting new dancers here at The next Step."

In studio 1, Jamie, Jessica and Shannon are dancing then A-Troupe arrives. Richelle says to Michelle that she is quitting A-Troupe. Then Michelle says to Yasmine that there is a spot on A-Troupe. Skylar and Noah start working on their duet. Noah is dancing poorly and skylar says "you need stop thinking about Jacquie and Start focusing on your dancing."

In Studio A, Richelle meets the B-Troupers and tells them that they will need to win against TNS East. Riley says "This is not a good idea to go against Michelle." Richelle says "Riley I would you as the studio head and I will be the head choreographer." Riley says yes to the offer. Tamica walks in to collect her stuff and she hears about TNS West. Tamica says "what are you all doing?" Richelle says "making a stand." Tamica says "this is what you call making a stand. Why don't you talk to Michelle about your problems she is the studio head." Richelle texts Noah. Noah gets the text and argues to join TNS West and Gets Shannon to join.

In Studio 1, Michelle tells A-Troupe that they only have nine dancers since Richelle took two of their dancers. Then Skylar suggest an Dance-A-Thon so dancers can join the studio. Then in studio a, Jacquie returns and auditions for TNS West. Jacquie makes the team. In Studio 1, Michelle is holding auditions for the tenth spot on A-Troupe. Zara and Danielle go head to head for the last spot on A-Troupe. Michelle says "Zara you are our last dancer." Tamica then says I have got a younger sister Maddie. Tamica Quits A-Troupe and Joins B-Troupe and she will not join TNS West or TNS East.

In Studio 1, Tamica starts dancing and says "I am the only member of A-Troupe." Then Michelle says "if you want to be on A-Troupe that's fine but it is now known as TNS Elite . You rehearse in the new space Studio E." Tamica heads to Studio E. Emily says "Welcome to your new home. I think you should be Dance captain." Tamica says "The first thing I am going to do is get the last 4 members on the team." In Studio a, Richelle makes Jacquie dance captain. Amy enter studio 1 and says "hi how are you." Michelle says "I am good but what are you doing here." Amy says "well your team is now known as TNS East or A-Troupe. I am now part of TNS Elite." Skylar says "I am the dance captain of A-Troupe." Michelle says "I have highed a new head choreographer, Cierra." Cierra says "I have brought my sister to co-Choreography with me."

In Studio A, Richelle says "we need to being Start rehearsing for A-Troupe." Jacquie says "I have returned because Noah asked me too." Meanwhile at Studio E, Ethan, Tamica, Lola and Max are rehearsing a new routine for regionals. Emily says "We are going to regionals since we are not part of TNS East or West." In Studio A office Riley is trying to figure out what to do about her friendship with Michelle. Heather heads to neutral grounds and meets Daniel an new dancer thinking of joining Emily's elite team. Daniel says "I wanted to audition for A-Troupe not TNS Elite."


  • Richelle has quit A-Troupe.
  • Tamica is the dance captain of TNS Elite.
  • Skylar is the dance captain of TNS East.
  • Jacquie is the Dance captain of TNS West.
  • Jacquie and Noah broke up.
  • TNS West Members are Jasmine, Kelvin, Tyler, Shannon, Noah, Jacquie and Sloane.
  • TNS East Vs TNS West vs TNS Elite
  • TNS East now contains: Skylar, Cameron, Yasmine, Maddie, Kylie, Robbie, Josh, Jessica, Jamie and Zara.
  • TNS Elite is Amy, Ethan, Heather, Tamica, Matthew, Lola, Hannah and Max.
  • Studio E stands for Studio Elite Team. Also known as Emily's Studio.
  • Piper has left and now Cierra is the new head choreographer with Skylar.
  • TNS West studio Head is Riley.
  • Richelle is the head choreographer of TNS West.
  • TNS East studio head is Michelle.
  • TNS Elite studio head is Emily.