It's My Party is the 1st episode of Season 2 of New Beginnings. it is the 11 overall in New Beginnings.


Emily holds auditions for A-Troupe. Alfie and Ethan returns to the studio. Myles arrives at the next step


In Studio 1, A-Troupe starts dancing to Into The Blue. Michelle says "I have a lot to live up to as Miss nationals soloist."

Intro-Michelle and Heather then Brooklyn and Luke then Taylor and Kylie then Robbie and Piper then Jordan and Josh then Lola and Richelle then Ozzy and Kingston then Brynn and Georgia then Henry and LaTroy.

In Studio 1, A-Troupe auditions begin. Emily says "I have made a new group routine for the auditions. In group one is Richelle, Lola, Taylor, Lexi, Michelle, Josh, Kylie, Jordan." Lexi says "dancing is my life and I can't wait to be part of A-Troupe." Taylor says "this is my only chance to get back on A-Troupe." They finish dancing. Emily says "group two is Robbie, Danny, Luke, Max, Vanessa and Carly". They perform. In group there is Zara, Jessica, Ozzy, Kingston, LaTroy, Georgia, Georgie, Brynn, Heather and Myles. They perform.

Then Ethan and Alfie return. Emily says in group 4 we have Casey, Louise, Ethan, Richard, Alfie, Piper and Henry. They perform to the choreography. Emily head to the office. Lola says to josh "are you nervous about being part of A-Troupe again." Josh says "no I will be part of the nationals team." Emily post up the list of the 12 dancers. The list says Michelle, Richelle, Lola, Piper, Vanessa, Carly, Luke, Danny, Josh, Zara, Kingston and Robbie. Myles says "I have worked so hard I now I am cut."

In Studio 1, The New A-Troupers have a dance. In the music room, Heather performs a solo. Heather says "I tried my best and now I am a b-trouper." Then Myles says "I love Heather's dancing and both of us would have been the best on A-Troupe. I am not joining B-Troupe." Heather says "if they don't want me on the nationals team that fine but they will reget it." In Studio A, The new b-troupers wonder if they want to be here. Brookyln enters the studio. Brooklyn says "this was my home and now I have to work out what I do next." Lola enters and says "a lot has changed at the studio and now I have got to move on from Brooklyn."

In Studio A, Ozzy dances and says "I have made the best step in My life but I didn't try my best. I need a new Start and what I did didn't help the studio." Then B-Troupe arrives. In studio 1, Myles performs choreography to top of the world. Myles says "I tried my best. I needed this my brother Robbie made the team. He knew how important this was to me." Robbie Enters the studio. Robbie says "I knew how important this was to Myles but I made the team and he didn't." Myles says "what are you doing here." Robbie says "I wanted to rehearse a solo for nationals." Myles says "you have been on a-troupe for a long time didn't you think that I wanted the spot two." Robbie says "I was doing it for me." Myles says "I need to get on the team even if Robbie doesn't like it."


  • A-Troupe contains Michelle, Richelle, Lola, Piper, Vanessa, Carly, Luke, Danny, Josh, Zara, Kingston and Robbie.