Last Chance is the 9th episode of New Beginnings.


Emily comes back. TNS West competes against TNS East. Ozzy finds his new role harder than he thought.


In Studio 1, A-Troupe is waiting for Skylar but doesn't turn up. Then Emily enters and says "guess who's back." A-Troupe runs up to her. Steven has quit.

Intro - Michelle and Heather then Brooklyn and Luke then Taylor and Kylie then Robbie and Piper then Jordan and Josh then Lola and Richelle then Ozzy and Kingston then Brynn and Georgia then Henry and LaTroy.

In Studio 1, Emily welcomes her cousin Josh onto A-Troupe. Josh says "I am looking forward to dancing with the team." Emily says "We are competing against TNS West this afternoon. So I need a duet I have chosen Michelle and Piper to perform the duet. Richelle can you head to studio a." Then Emily hears TNS West heading towards them. Elliot says "is your duet ready?" Emily says "Looks like Michelle and Piper are going to freestyle the duet." Josh says "looks like the competition has begun."

In Studio 1, Kingston and Georgia goes first. Emily says "they are really gold but I know that my duet will do better." Kingston says "we need to win if we want to dance at nationals." Michelle says "TNS West has 3 girls and 9 boys." Then Michelle and Piper perform their duet. And win the first round." TNS West gets ready for the next round which is a group routine but Emily said that they can only use 6 dancers.

In The Music Room, Vanessa and Carly are rehearsing a duet ready for the J-Troupe auditions. Carly says "this is my first year auditioning for the next Step." Vanessa says "I was cut from J-Troupe and this is my chance to get back there." Then Sasha a new j-trouper says "Welcome to J-Troupe. We don't want you to fell like you're not good enough to get on to the team."

In Studio A, Elliot is wondering who to choose to go against TNS East since they can only use 6 dancers. Then Steven enters and says "TNS East needs to be taken down." In Studio 1, Heather and Kylie are practicing the routine for the competition. Then A-Troupe enters. Emily says "the winners will be going to Nationals." In the Music Room, J-Troupe are dancing. Vance and Kim are wondering if Cassie is going to turn up. Giselle enters and says "I am your new teacher and I need to choose an duet for the competition."

In Studio 1, Emily is watching A-Troupe's Nationals routine. Piper is struggling with the choreography and calls her out. Emily says "have you been rehearsing the routine." Piper says "yes I have". Emily says "can you book a Lession with J-Troupe's Teacher, Giselle. She will help you with the choreography." Then Elliot enters and says "can we use 8 dancers." Emily says "you will have to compete with one dancer now since you have asked me a lot of times." Elliot says "we have no chance of beating Emily's Team. Looks like I am going to have to choose wisely."


  • TNS East won the first round
  • TNS West can only use one dancer in the dance battle.
  • J-Troupe has Vanessa, Sasha, Danielle, Carly, Vance and Kim
  • Giselle is the new J-Trouper teacher.