Move It A-Troupe is the 3rd Episode of Season 2 of New Beginnings. It is the 13th overall in New Beginnings.


The Next Step moves to America. Emily heads to the new location with A-Troupe.


In An Airport, A-Troupe meets Emily. Emily says "you may be wondering what we are doing here." Cierra says "where are we going since we have got everything from studio A with us." Emily says "well we are moving to Florida. This is a new Start for the next step."

Intro - Michelle and Piper then Danny and Vanessa then Max and Cierra then Josh and Kenzie then Luke and Robbie then Lola and Richelle.

A-Troupe walks into the new studio. Lola says "this what the studio needed." Emily says "welcome to studio A. If you would like to follow me." Emily shows A-Troupe Java Jungle, The Music Room and the rehearsal room. A-Troupe heads to studio A, Max says "it is the best thing to be going to nationals. Me and Cierra had fun touring the world together."

In The rehearsal room, Piper is dancing and says "I will Miss the old studio but we are now in America. Amy has gone behind my back and joined a new studio with Elliot, Noah, Cassie, Sloane and LaTroy." In Step's Studio, Their are dancing and Amy's mom comes out and says "we are going to our first dance competition against The Next Step." Amy says "it is time to get everything out in the open and it is not good enough for me." Elliot says "The Next Step will not see us coming." Noah says "I wanted to be part of the next step but not anymore."

In Studio A, A-Troupe starts rehearsing to Top Of The World. Michelle says "Now we have lost a lot of Dancers and now we need to beat Steps." Lola says "B-Troupe now contains George, Mavis, Jordan, Maya, Becca, Gabi and Danielle." Richelle says "Tyler, Beth, Zara, Bobby, Peter, Rory, Ozzy, Kingston and Charlie have been put into a new team called A-Troupe Understudies." Cierra says "The Next Step is changing so we need to take back our title of Nationals champions." Meanwhile in Steps' studio, Amy's Mom welcomes Lizzie, Ellie, Sydney, Dennis, Heather and Lucy. Cassie says "before I came here I knew that I didn't belong at the next Step." Amy's mom announces that Sydney will be the dance captain of their team.

In Studio A, Thalia enters and says "Emily wanted me to be the new Head choreographer of The Next Step Dance Academy." Emily says "Thalia was the best choice but she is going back to the old studio. Thalia says "there are still a couple of members still there like Skylar, Casey, Jamie, Steven, Jack, Will and Lela." Then Miss Kate and Riley enters. Riley says "Me and Miss Kate are going to see what the studio looks like. And from what I have seen it looks great."


  • The Next Step Has Moved to Florida.
  • Steps Dance Studio is American Nationals champions.
  • Steps Dance Studio has Cassie, Lizzie, Elliot, Ellie, Sydney, Noah, Dennis, Lucy, Sloane, LaTroy, Amy and Heather.
  • B-Troupe contains Danielle, Maya, Jordan, Henry, Gabi, Mavis, Jacquie and George.
  • A-Troupes Understudies Troupe Contains Kingston, Ozzy, Rory, Peter, Beth, Bobby, Tyler, and Charlie.
  • Sydney is the dance captain of Steps Dance Studio.
  • Thalia is the head choreographer of TNS