New Studio is the 5th episode of Season 2 of New Beginnings.


A-Troupe awaits to see if they win Nationals. After that Emily holds A-Troupe auditions. New dancers take some people's spots.


At Nationals, The Next Step Dance Academy and Steps dance studio awaits to see who is the nationals champions. The judges says "the winner is..."


In Studio 1, A-Troupe arrives. New Dancers come to audition for A-Troupe. Emily announces that we won nationals and now I need to start thinking about internationals. Kelvin says "I want to audition for the Internationals Team. I have got what it takes to be part of A-Troupe." Georgie says "I am going to be on that internationals team." Owen says "I need to be an Member of A-Troupe." All the dancers auditions.

in Studio 1, Emily announces the new A-Troupe. Emily says "on a-troupe we have, Michelle, Kelvin, Alexandra, Danielle, Richelle, Max, Kloe, Tyler, Georgie, Lola, Piper and Cierra." Emily says to the other dancers thanks for coming." In Steps Dance Studio, Elliot, Noah, Amanda, Cassie, Sloane and Zara quit and join The Next Step Dance Academy.

In Studio 1, Zara, Sloane and Cassie watchs the A-Troupe's rehearsal. Cassie says "they are really good." Zara says "yeah really good." Sloane says "we have got a lot to live up to." Emily sees them and closes the door to studio 1. Alexandra says "I can't believe that I am part of the internationals team. We have got a lot to live up to." In studio A, B-Troupe welcomes Paige, Miley, Ariana and Oscar. Paige says "I am Piper's older sister but she is better than me." Miley says "I dance and sing but my main passion is dance." In Studio 1, Emily says "Thalia is no longer head choreographer. Heather is now our new head choreographer."

In Studio A, Zara starts dancing to Home. Zara says "I have always wanted to be part of A-Troupe I will join B-Troupe." Then Jacquie enters and says "I thought you were part of Steps." Zara says "I was but now I am back." In The Rehearsal Room, Skylar enters. Skylar says "I was originally part of Elite Dance Academy but now I am here at the next step to join my sister Cierra."

In Studio 1, Cierra, Michelle, Richelle, Piper, Max and Lola talk about how much A-Troupe has changed. Lola says "the Internationals team has changed a lot but I don't think that we have what it takes to win Internationals." Cierra says "Things are changing is it a good thing." Max says "Michelle is the dance captain she will get us into shape before Internationals." Michelle says "the dancers need my help if we are going to win at Internationals."


  • The Next Step is the new national champions of America.
  • A-Troupe is Michelle, Piper, Cierra, Richelle, Lola, Max, Danielle, Kelvin, Alexandra, Kloe, Tyler and Georgie.
  • B-Troupe is Paige, Elliot, Amanda, Miley, Ariana, Danny, Vanessa, Zara, Noah, Josh, Ozzy, Kingston, Cassie, Sloane, Oscar and Jacquie.