Nothing You Do Can Change Anything is the 6th Episode of Season 3 of New Beginnings.


Riley leaves the studio. The Studio gets a new look. Amy joins The Next Step.


In Riley's Office, Riley is packing up her stuff and then Michelle enters. Riley says "I have decided to leave the next step." Michelle says "why" Riley says "because I have been offered an great opportunity to judge a dance competition."

In Studio 1, Giselle enters and tells A-Troupe that she is the new Studio Head. Clara says "now my sister is the new head of the studio we have no chance." In Studio 2, Emma announces that TNS West is a new troupe that will compete at Internationals.

In Studio 1, Giselle says "I am looking for a new dancer to take the role of head choreographer, I think that Daniel will be the best choice even though he isn't an A-Troupe." Michelle says "whose dance captain." Giselle says "You." In Studio 2, B-Troupe is waiting Emma says "I am starting my own competive troupe TNS West. I was wondering if anyone would like to join my team just come in and let me know." Yasmine says "I Think it is time for me to make my mark on the team." Richelle is in Studio A, waiting for Emily and then Emily announces that the studio is being closed down and they will have to join TNS south or B-Troupe.

In Studio 2, Amy, Sydney and Tom join TNS West. Emma says "we need more dancers but when we do will be unstoppable." Then Frazer and Henry Cooper enters and Frazer says "where are the auditions for TNS West." Emma says "wasn't expecting two dancers to enter my team." Then they audition but they aren't good enough. Then in studio 1, Giselle says "i am re-audition the team." A-Troupe are devastated that their team will change again." Michelle, Jacquie, Lola, Robbie, Luke, Callum, Harry and Issac audition in group one. Giselle decides to have Michelle, Lola, Jacquie, Robbie, Issac and Callum in the team so there are only 6 spots left on the team. Then Noah, Tyler, Piper, Libby,Summer, Henry, Frazer, Samantha, Jaycee, Chloe, Zara, Owen and Josh auditions in the second group. Giselle decides to have Henry Cooper, Frazer, Piper, Chloe, Zara And Summer.

Intro - Henry Cooper and Frazer, Michelle and Zara, Piper and Summer, Callum and Robbie, , Lola and Jacquie, Issac and Chloe.

In Studio 1, The A-Troupe boys are getting to know each other but Henry, Callum, Robbie, Issac and Frazer all ready know each other. Frazer says "you left and left us to sort out your mess robbie since you left our team." Robbie says "I'm sorry can't that be put aside." Henry says "why don't we start a bro's group so if one of us is having trouble with issues we can deal with them." Callum says "Alright, Who's the leader." Issac says "robbie he was Our Dance captain at our last studio, Robbie who is captain of A-Troupe." Robbie says "Michelle"


  • TNS West members are Amy, Yasmine, Tom and Sydney.
  • A-Troupe members are Piper, Lola, Callum, Frazer, Henry, Robbie, Issac, Summer, Zara, Chloe, Jacquie and Michelle