One Dancer, One Last Chance is the 10th episode of New beginnings. It is the last of Season 1 of New Beginnings.


Ozzy competes against 12 dancers from TNS East.


In Studio A, TNS West is waiting for TNS East. Ozzy is rehearsing his solo. Ozzy says "I will have to fight against TNS East and being the only dancer that competing in this round is going to throw me off." Elliot says "I don't think Ozzy is ready for this but he is the best dancer on my troupe."

Intro Michelle and Heather then Brooklyn and Luke then Taylor and Kylie then Robbie and Piper then Jordan and Josh then Lola and Richelle then Ozzy and Kingston then Brynn and Georgia then Henry and LaTroy.

In Studio 1, A-Troupe is practing one last time the routine to go up against TNS West. Lola and Richelle are working on the duet. Heather, Taylor, Piper, Kylie, Michelle and Robbie are working on then 6 person routine. Brooklyn, Luke, Jordan and Josh are working on the 4 person routine. Emily says "It is time to take down TNS West." In Studio A, Both Troupes watch each other's routines. Ozzy is the only member of TNS West dancing. Ozzy says ''this is my last chance to beat TNS East. I am not going to let anything get in my way." TNS East goes and beats Ozzy.

In Studio A, TNS West is in disbelief that TNS East beat them. Ozzy says "we didn't have a full team no wonder we didn't win." Elliot says "all of you are cut. Now go somewhere that wants you." Georgia says "I got an idea why don't we go to A-Troupe. The team needs me and I needed to step in." In Studio 1, A-Troupe is sat down celebrating that they beat TNS West. Then the former members of TNS West enter. Michelle asks "what are you doing here?" Emily says "once I saw the members of TNS West enter my studio. I already know what has happened. Elliot cut them because they couldn't beat us."

In Studio A, Elliot is dancing to Oxygen and he says "I am leaving and now tns West is over." Michelle enters and says "why did you cut those dancers?" Elliot keeps on dancing. Michelle says "Elliot is rude and he has tarred the studio apart." In Studio 1, Emily says "I am not mad at any of you. I am going to try and unit the studio."

In Studio 1, A-Troupe and Former members of TNS West start dancing. Richelle says "I am glad the competition is now over but we have a long way to get to nationals." Heather says "I will have to fight for my spot on A-Troupe." Ozzy says "been back with A-Troupe is amazing. But I am going to miss being dance captain." Emily says "this is what we needed to get the studio back on track." Michelle says "it is going to be a long road to nationals but now both teams are one. We are going to be fine but I don't think we ready for nationals but nothing is going to stop us."


  • TNS East Beat TNS West
  • Tns East and TNS West are now A-Troupe
  • Elliot has left the next step.
  • this is the last episode of season 1 of new beginnings.