One More Time is the 1st Episode of Season 4. This is the 24th episode over all ot of New Beginnings. It aired on 9th October 2017.


New team is chosen. Some dancers find the new dancers are a mistake.


In Studio A, Piper is dancing a solo. Piper says “things have changed at the next Step so much. Giselle has left. Kate has given an new dancer the role of Studio Head. Dancers have quit A-Troupe after we won Internationals.”

Intro: Piper and Michelle, Frazer and Henry, Issac and Callum and Robbie. End pose is Callum, Issac, Frazer, Henry, Robbie, Michelle and Piper.

In Studio 1, The remaining A-Troupers are warming up ready for the auditions. In Dance Experience, Lola enters and sees Richelle and hugs her. In Studio A, Kingston, Ozzy, Daniel and Jacquie are judging the audition. The Auditionee’s enter the studio. Noah says to the dancers that they will be 5 Person dance auditions and they can’t see who is auditioning. Riley makes an announcement that they need to head to studio 1. Jacquie says “in group one is Henry, Frazer, Callum, Daniela and Heather.” They perform. In group 2 is Michelle, Robbie, Piper, Issac and Fran. They perform. In group 3 is Amy, Robert, Ethan, Pyper and Harry. They perform. In the group 4 is Elliot, Zac, Will, Luke and Faith. In the last group is Skye, Rebecca, Rachael, Zoe and Charlie.

In Studio A, Kingston announces the team. Kingston says “A-Troupe is Michelle, Piper, Faith, Robert, Frazer, Robbie, Daniela, Henry, Issac, Skye, Zoe and Charlie.” Callum says “I really happy that they made the team”. Riley says “Elliot, Will, Rebecca, Callum, Ben, Rachael and Heather can you join me in Studio A everyday because I have a new team that will be going to small competitions.”

In Dance Experience, Richelle asks Lola what she is doing here since this is where you learn about how to be a good head choreographer.


  • A-Troupe is Michelle, Piper, Faith, Robert, Frazer, Robbie, Daniela, Henry, Issac, Skye, Zoe and Charlie.
  • Intetnationals champions are The Next Step
  • Giselle has left
  • Riley and Noah are Co-Studio Heads
  • Kingston, Ozzy, Daniel and Jacquie are Head choreographers.