Riley Vs Emily is the 5th Episode of Season 3 of New beginnings


Elite and The Next Step go head to head. Tass makes a big mistake.


In Studio A's office, Emily is waiting for Riley. Then Riley enters and says "what are you doing here." Emily says "well, I think it is time for my dancers to challenge your dances in a dance off. I think it time for Elite to begin down the Next Step."

No Intro only the title of the episode Riley VS Emily

In Studio 1, Elite is going though the routine and then Emily enters and says "we can have two alternates but we are going to be one Dancer and I have chosen Amy." Amy says "what I not beginning featured in the routine." In Culture shock, Giselle returns and enters with her sister Clara. Giselle says "Clara is an new dancer and she would like to audition for A-Troupe." Clara says "I have always wanted to dance at the next Step but never got a chance too."

In Studio A, Riley is seeing final preparations for the dance off against Elite. Then Elite enters and they perform in front of Kate, Giselle and Skylar. Then A-Troupe goes out. Kate says "we have made a final decision that the team going to Internationals is The Next Step." Emily says "who's on the team." Giselle says "Clara, Clark, Michelle, Paige, Piper, Mavis, Kingston, Callum, Noah and Jacquie going to Internationals. There are 2 spots left so the best way to choose the final two dancers are 3 people from the former elite members and former next Step members." Emily choose Amanda, Richelle and Tom. Riley chooses Lola, Tyler and Emilie. They all dance off and Kate chooses Lola and Brandon as the final members of A-Troupe.

In Studio A later that day, Clara is dancing and says "it is very weird dancing again but this time at an competitive level And nothing is going to stop me." Teaser of the intro - Michelle and Piper, Kingston and Callum, Brandon and Paige, Clark and Mavis, Noah and Jacquie, Lola and Clara. End pose is Mavis, Clark, Callum, Brandon, Paige, Piper, Michelle, Noah, Jacquie, Lola, Kingston and Clara.


  • A-Troupe is now Clara, Clark, Callum, Paige, Michelle, Noah, Jacquie, Brandon, Lola, Mavis and Kingston.
  • Elite now contains Amy, Richelle, Tyler, Tom, Briana, Summer, Amanda and Cassie.