Still Feels Like The First Time is the 3rd Episode of New Beginnings.


Richelle and Rilet think about replacing a member of TNS West. Emily holds auditions for the new A-Troupe.


In studio 1, TNS East is rehearsing, Skylar says "so much changed at the studio within two weeks. Samantha and Will are no longer part Of the studio.

Intro:Michelle, Emily and Riley then Skylar and Yasmine then Hannah, Jessica and Noah then Max and Amy then Jamie and Cameron the Kylie and Robbie then Maddie and Daniel then Ethan and Richelle. 

In Studio 1, Skylar is trying to rehearse her solo now that Noah has left the team. Then Tamica enters and says what are you doing. I thought this was a duet not a solo. Hannah and Jessica are dancing in the music room, Then Brynn and Nia arrives at the next step. Hannah says "Are you auditioning for Emily's new team." Brynn says "No but we are thinking of joining B-Troupe." Jessica says "this is the best studio in the world."  

In Studio E, The elite team is rehearsing then Michelle and Richelle enter studio e. They says can the teams all merge together, and re-auditio A-Troupe and have twelve dancers on the team. Emily and Richelle argees to merge the team. Richelle tells Riley that the teams are coming together. Then TNS East, TNS West and B-Troupe arrives at studio a. Michelle's troupe goes first. Then Richelle and Riley's team goes next. Emily says "my team is ready but I don't want them to audition." Michelle says okay they will be the b-troupe. 

In the office, Michelle, Richelle and Riley are thinking of who makes the new team. Then they head to studio a, Michelle says the new a-troupe is Nia, Brynn, Maddie, Kylie, Jamie, Robbie, Hannah, Skylar, Daniel, Cameron, Elliot and Kendal. Michelle and Richelle announces the new dance captain. Richelle says "Kendal is our new dance captain." Michelle says "Our we moving A-Troupe into studio 1." Elliot says "We are not going to win with a child as the dance captain." TNS Elite is waiting to see who is coming to join their team. Ethan, Jasmine, Kelvin, Jessica come in.  

In Studio A, A-Troupe is packing up their stuff ready to move into studio 1. Kendal is dancing then Elliot says "How old are you." Kendal says "I was born on the 20th December 2001." Elliot says "so 15. I was born in May 2002." Then Beth enters with a new dancer called Kalani. Kalani is an Contemporary dancer looking for a job at the next step. Hannah is heading to studio 1, Then Jessica says that she is glad that one of them made the the team. In studio 1, Michelle tells Nia, Brynn and Maddie that they will be dancing a trio at regionals. Riley says "I am leaving the next step ready to start my new job at Neutral Grounds."   


  • TNS East and West have merged
  • The new A-Troupe is Nia, Brynn, Maddie, Kylie, Jamie, Robbie, Hannah, Skylar, Daniel, Cameron, Elliot and Kendal
  • Riley is no longer studio Head, she now works at Neutral Grounds.
  • Richelle is the new head choreographer of The next step.
  • Kendal is the new dance captain of A-Troupe.
  • Elliot is from Superstar Dance Academy.
  • Hannah and Jessica are step-sisters.