Take It To The Top is the 7th Episode of New Beginnings


Kate returns. Heather dances and has to think about her spot


In TNS Theatre, A-Troupe arrives. Kylie says "it is amazing and I hope Nationals gets held here." Heather says "I hope I get a chance to dance with the team." Then Amanda enters. Amanda says (Talking Heads) "I am back to see everyone to see how much the studio has changed." Michelle says "I would like to welcome Amanda. She is a former Dance Captain and Member of A-Troupe."

Intro - Michelle, Daniel and Richelle then Steven and Skylar then Nia and Maddie then Robbie and Kylie then Brynn and Heather then Elliot and Chloe then Jordan and Luke.

In Studio 1, Jamie is dancing and he is auditioning for an troupe in Kingston Dance Studio. Kingston says "Jamie is amazing dancer and I don't think he should leave the next step." Meanwhile in TNS Dance Theatre, Steven, Kim and Ozzy are dancing against Logan, Brynn and Elliot. Michelle says that the winner is Logan, Brynn and Elliot.

In Studio A, Heather is dancing. Heather says "I am looking forward to going to nationals but it won't be routine going to Nationals. Chloe enters and says "I would like some pointers for being dance captain." Then J-Troupers enter with Michelle. Michelle says "can I talk to you both?" Chloe says "yes you may." They head to the office. Michelle says "I think the team will befit from having Co-Captains. I think it would be a great thing having Heather and Chloe as co-captains." Heather agrees with Michelle.

In Studio 1, Skylar, Steven, Robbie and Kylie are rehearsing a 4-Person Dance for nationals. Steven says "Dancing with Skylar is really nice I meet here at the auditions of Cierria's Dance Studio but she didn't make it." Robbie says "this is the best but Kylie isn't ready for Nationals. Being Mister Internationals Soloist two years in a row I need to hold to that title and Kylie is setting the studio back." In Studio A, Jacquie is dancing to Devotion. Jacquie says "it is really difficult to be part of B-Troupe. I think I may have feelings for Robbie. Robbie was Dance Captain of his last studio" Then Robbie enters. Robbie says "Jacquie is amazing dancer but she isn't on A-Troupe." Robbie leaves.

In Studio A, Victoria and Brooke are rehearsing ready to join the next step. Then Michelle enters and says that they need to be part of B-Troupe. Meanwhile in TNS Dance Theatre, A-Troupe is going through the Nationals routine then Chloe falls breaking her ankle. Michelle suggests Holding auditions for the 12th spot.

In Studio 1, A-Troupe watch Lola, Cass, Gemma, Victoria, Brooke, Jake and Morgan audition for the 12th spot. A-Troupe choose Cass and then later in the day, Nia quits A-Troupe so they welcome Morgan into A-Troupe.


  • Robbie is Mister Internationals Soloist
  • Robbie was Dance Captain of Oxford School of Dance.
  • Chloe and Heather are Co-Captain but by the end Heather is solo dance captain.
  • Chloe and Nia are former members of A-Troupe
  • Cass and Morgan appear again from season 2
  • Cass and Morgan are the two new members of A-Troupe.