Time is ticking is the 4th episode of Season 3.


Richelle joins Elite Dance Academy. Tass returns to Elite and auditions for the team. A-Troupe gets an new dancer.


In Studio A, Richelle is dancing and then Riley enters. Richelle says "i am quitting A-Troupe." Riley says "what, why are you leaving." Richelle says "I want to find a new studio." Riley says "looks like i will have to find a new dancer."

In Studio 1, Elite is rehearsing. Then Richelle enters and says "I would like to join your studio." Emily says "we have been keeping your spot warm." Then Tass enters and says "I would like to audition for A-Troupe because i have nowhere to go."

In Studio A, Riley is watching A-Troupe rehearse the 10 person dance for the competition against Elite. Then Emma an new dancer enters the studio and says "I would like to audition for A-Troupe." Riley says "Okay but you will have to go up against some dancers from B-Troupe." Then the B-Troupe dancers enter. Jade goes first, Michelle says " Jade is really good i think she may make the team." Then Louise goes and falls. Then Shannon auditions and also falls. Then Emma goes and Emma says "I am putting everything out on the floor." Riley says "looks like we have found our 12th Dancer." Then Riley decides to change A-Troupe. Riley says "Michelle, Piper, Tyler, Emma, Lola, Jacquie, Mavis, Noah, Kingston, Summer, Brandon and Callum, you have made the team

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Callum and Summer, Noah and Jacquie, Emma and Kingston, Tyler and Brandon, Lola and Mavis. End Pose is Emma, Summer, Noah, Jacquie, Callum, Kingston, Michelle, Tyler, Brandon, Piper, Lola and Mavis.

In Studio 1, Elite is watching Tass audition for their team. Emliy says "your not good enough for this team." Tass says "I put my heart into this and I didn't make it." In studio 2, Jade is rehearsing. Then Amy enters and says "I would like you to audition for Elite." Jade says "that is very nice of you but I am not ready yet." Then Some members of A-Troupe enter. Michelle says "how are you Amy, hows Emily's Team." Amy says "it is good but I don't think we can beat you."


  • Richelle joins Elite and Leaves A-Troupe.
  • Emma is the new member of A-Troupe.