We Belong Together is the 4th Episode of New Beginnings.


Piper Makes a new friend. Skylar helps a dancer with the dance captain role.


In Studio A, Elliot is dancing to 'we belong together' then Piper enters. Piper says "Elliot is an amazing dancer but he doesn't belong in this studio." Elliot apologies to Piper for what he did to the studio.

Intro-Michelle, Skylar and Kylie then Nia and Robbie then Maddie and Kendal then Jamie and Hannah then Cameron and Elliot then Brynn and Daniel. End pose is Skylar, Kylie, Hannah, Jamie, Cameron, Maddie, Michelle, Nia, Elliot, Kendal, Robbie, Brynn and Daniel.

Piper heads to studio 1, and tells michelle that Elliot was cut from superstar Dance Academy. Michelle says "he will get a duet with Skylar. Since she has got a duet partner." Piper says "apart from that is there anything else you would like me to do." Michelle says "no it's fine I will deal with everything." In Studio A, Richelle is teaching J-Troupe's rehearsal. Ozzy (an new J-Trouper) is dancing to the wrong thing. Richelle says "Ozzy what are you doing?" Then Giselle enters. Giselle says "Hi J-Troupe. Richelle do you know where Michelle." Then Ozzy says "Studio 1, where A-Troupe is based now."

In Neutral Grounds, Nia meets Chloe. Chloe is an contemporary dancer and is 14 years old. Nia says "I am now part of A-Troupe and you will have to audition for B-Troupe." Chloe says "I really wanted to join A-Troupe But I will be happy in b-troupe." Then Ethan enters. Ethan says "I am the studio head of World Dance Academy and I would like you to join my studio." Chloe doesn't want to join the studio.

In Studio E, Emily is dancing and then gets a text from Michelle saying that she will be holding auditions for B-Troupe. Emily heads to Neutral Grounds to find out that it is closing down. Then Riley says "what going on, who is going be incharge." Katherine says "I am the owner and the name will be TNS Drinks shop." Meanwhile in Studio 1, A-Troupe is rehearsing. Michelle leaves the office. Kendal says "what is going on at regionals." Michelle reads the email from regionals. Michelle says "there going to 20 teams allowed at regionals. And I got an email saying that since we won Internationals." A-Troupe arrives at Studio 1, Michelle says "it's time for us to go to regionals."


  • Chloe is a new dancer at the next step.
  • Neutral Grounds is now TNS Drinks Shop.
  • A-Troupe heads to regionals