Zooming To Fast is the 6th Episode of New Beginnings


Daniel becomes Head Choreographer. Cierra makes Richelle Studio Owner of TNS.


In Studio 1, Michelle tells A-Troupe that they have a new head choreographer Daniel. Daniel says "my son Steven is a new dancer and he has been dancing for five years." Steven says "if my dad is the head choreographer we are going to lose."

Intro - Michelle, Daniel and Richelle then Steven and Skylar then Nia and Maddie then Robbie and Kylie then Brynn and Heather then Elliot and Chloe then Jordan and Luke.

In TNS Drinks Shop, Richelle is getting a drink then Cierra enters. Richelle says to Cierra what is doing here. Cierra says that she is leaving the studio and she would like Richelle to become the studio owner of the next step.

In Studio 1, A-Troupe is dancing and Heather is marking though the routine and Skylar notices that Heather is struggling with Daniel's choreography. Steven says "my dad is a great choreographer but he doesn't want me to go to nationals with this studio." Michelle says "well done." Elliot asks Steven what the matter with him is. Steven says that Daniel is his dad.

In Studio A, a group of new dancers are dancing. Tara says "Me, Kingston, Henry, Zara and Josh are dancing at the next step and we want to audition for the nationals team." Then Richelle enters and says "hi, I am Richelle. I am the new studio owner of the studio." Tara says "where are the A-Troupe auditions." Richelle says "we have already had the a-troupe auditions." Then Richelle says "you can join N-Troupe." Tara says ok

In Studio 1, Kylie, Luke, Steven, Jordan, Nia and Chloe are rehearsing a routine for nationals. Then Robbie and Elliot enters. Elliot says what are you doing we need to start preparing for nationals. Luke says "this is a routine for nationals." Robbie says "Elliot, I think you need to your thoughts in your head (talking heads) Elliot is a great dancer but he isn't a great friend and it going to be harder then we thought." Jordan says to Steven "what are we going to do." Steven says "I don't know." Then Michelle enters with the rest of A-Troupe. Heather says "I am stepping down from Dance Captain." Michelle says "there is no need to worry about it since I have chosen a new dance captain, Chloe." Chloe says "I am the new dance captain and I can't wait for Nationals." Michelle says "I have chosen an alternate, Nia, you will not be dancing at nationals." Nia says "I am new to the studio and now I am an alternate."

In TNS Drinks Shop, Logan arrives and sees Heather and Jordan talking. Logan says "can I sit down here." Heather says "yes of course, what are you doing here." Logan says "I am your sister and I have some news about your dancing career." Heather says "what?" Logan says "mum has paid for your dance." Myles an contemporary dancer enters the studio. Richelle says "I am creating a theatre so the dancers can get ready for competitions."


  • Richelle is the new Studio owner.
  • N-Troupe stands for New Dancers Troupe.
  • N-Troupe has Tara, Kingston, Henry, Zara and Josh.
  • Daniel is Steven's dad.
  • Daniel is the head Choreographer.
  • Heather and Logan are sisters.
  • Richelle has created TNS Theatre.