Piper walks into Studio 1 , in talking heads Piper says "Miss Kate Offered me the Job of Studio Head of The Next Step i am so happy to take on this big job".

Piper walks into Studio 1 where the dancers are waiting for her, "Who's our new Studio Head Piper?" asked Amy, "Let her speak Amy" said Josh, Piper was feeling a bit awkward as Josh was Piper's Crush, "Right everybody I am your new Studio Head and A Troupe will be rehearsing in Studio 1 for now on and I Will be working you very hard". said Piper.

Piper steps into Emily's former office, which was now her office, Josh walks into Piper's office, "Piper you wanted to see me?" asked Josh, "Yes A Troupe now has two Dance Captains - Noah is currently on holiday and the new Co-Captain of A Troupe will be you" said Piper appointing Josh as Co-Dance Captain of A Troupe.

"Thanks I won't let you down" said Josh, "Now get out of my office" ordered Piper showing her authority as Studio Head.

Josh was watching a dance crew perform their dance for Internationals they were known as 'THE QUEENS OF DAnce.
Lm emily leon co studio heads

Emily walks into Studio 1, "What's up?" asked Emily, "Miss Emily we have come across a dance crew called THE QUEENS OF DANCE Who are also known as 'QOD' They are going to Internationals". said Amy, " Have you shown Miss Piper this as The Former Studio head of The Next Step i Can't do anything". said Emily.

Piper walks out of her new office, "Miss Piper We have some new rivals called 'The Queens Of Dance.