No Goodbyes is the 13th episode of season 6 of The Next Step and is the 167th episode in total. It aired on December 22nd, 2017.


The qualfieir entails heartbreak, friendships crushed and and competitive nature, but in the end, is it all worth it?


Amy has her costume on as she is ready for the qualifier and then Piper storms in and asks about so this is her plan. Amy asks about what plan and then Piper says to not act dumb. She knows. Amy asks about which plan and then Piper says the one to stir drama up between them, so that she does horrible. Amy nods, and then Piper says that Amy is so low. She helps repair a friendship, she listens to her and then tries to fix things every time and this is how she is repaid? She says that this is the last time she ever does anything for Amy and then walks off.

Piper goes into one of the rehearsal rooms with her costume on and then see Michelle. Michelle in talking heads, says that she is not competing today but Piper called her in. Michelle asks what the problem is, and then Piper says that Amy is trying to get into her head so she needs help to dance amazingly. Michelle smiles and then begins to help Piper on with her routine. They practice it and it looks good. Then Lucian walks over to Piper and says that her and Amy are the first to go up which the competition starts in five minutes. Piper nods.

Piper walks into the wings to be greeted with Amy. When the competition starts, Amy walks up and does an Acro solo to Story Of My Life. Everyone claps and then Piper is called up. Piper closes her eyes in talking heads and then mutters about how Amy is only trying to get into her head so she can suck during her performance. So she can fail. Oddly enough, Piper dances amazingly, her song is to Falling Apart, actually showing real tears and emotion, she channeled her drama with Amy into the dance, but then makes one mistake and rushes off, feeling like a fool. Piper then smiles confidently. Amy asks what the problem is, wasn’t she so sad that she failed? Piper then said that Amy’s drama only made her stronger and then says that Amy’s plan failed.

Michelle then goes into the wings, rushing in and then hugs Piper. Gushing over her amazing job and Amy is left speechless. Amy in talking heads, says that maybe things would have been better if she just left Piper alone.

While Richelle, Jacquie and Josh are getting ready for the group routine, Amy rushes in, yelling at Richelle and Jacquie, about how her plan failed and only made Piper stronger. Richelle then suggests to change the scorings, forge. Amy says that there is no way she’s doing that. Jacquie asks how desperate Amy is. Amy says not that much, but this is all their fault, now Piper might never forgive her again and then she groans and walks off.

A-troupe is called to the wings and then they walk on. The song that they dance to is Stand Up and they try their hardest. Lucian is super shocked at how well they performed and then Noah is in the wings. Jacquie rushes after finishing that dance to Noah and they kiss. Jacquie is in shock and then runs off. It is then time for awards. Lucian says that Piper comes in first. Piper walks to get her trophy for the solo award. Amy comes in third. Which is not enough to make it to the actual competition. The group dance gets first. Piper scoffs and says that the competition was rigged and yet somehow they managed for her to get third? Wow, she must have been really bad and then walks off. 

Jacquie then walks over to Richelle and asks if they could talk in the middle of the venue. Richelle nods and they order fries at one of the little restaurant stands. Richelle asks what’s up and then Jacquie informs Richelle over a group which has Katy, Josh, Noah, Piper, and Amy and it is to take down Lucian. Richelle is in extreme shock and then rushes to go tell Lucian. Richelle yells at Lucian for not noticing that all of the team is stabbing him in the back. He asks what’s going on and then Richelle says that they are plotting against him.


  • Richelle and Lucian both finally know of Michelle and Emily’s secret plan.
  • Piper got first.
  • Amy got third.
  • Amy and Piper are no longer friends.