No Regrets is the second episode of the TNS: Next Generation season 1!


With three A-Troupe spots open for grabs, Amy and Piper audition an old J-Trouper, Margie. Leah developes a crush.


Aria walks into studio A hesitantly. She looks down worriedly and then Inside Out turns on and she begins to dance. Trying to take the stress of the auditions and how there are two spots of A-Troupe which are uncertain. With this fate as of right now, anyone's spot could be gone in a heartbeat. She keeps telling herself that she is an amazing dancer and won't allow her spot to be put to the test, but thinks maybe things will not work out the way she initially hoped.

Leah walks into the room and notices Aria dance. She smiles and tries to keep her cool. She mutters to her lips about how she will not make it to Regionals because of the caliber of dance at the studio. Leah looks over. "Hey." She said a little quietly. "Hey." Aria said and bit her lip. She was not used to talking too much. She really did not like talking. Aria then walked away and Leah put her head down.

Almost on que, Adam walked in and Leah stared into his eyes, however, nervous as to what she had just done and what that meant - she ducked away quickly and giggled a little bit and slowly perambulated to the corner.

After then, the rest of A-Troupe walked in. Piper bit her lip as she and Amy walked through the doors. "Alright dancers - understand that this is still auditions. We will moniter your every step until we have our dance team that is official. I noticed that we actually have 3 spots up for grabs and not my initial count of 2 spots open. Every dancer out there who wants a spot will eventually battle you for your spot. You here me?" Amy asked and all of the team nodded. Leah scratched the back of her neck. "So this means no boyfriends..." Leah told herself.

Piper then perked up - "Hey. Should we begin our A-Troupe Regionals routine for the first three rounds?" However a couple of the dancers looked hesitant. "Why? We don't have a full team yet. Shouldn't we not deal with dances and the dance captaincy yet and deal with that when we have our full team?" Adam asked with a little stutter in between his words. "I see your point but if we don't get to work, what will we have for them to catch up on?" Amy asked/ "It could be like two months before we figure out our team. That gives us two months to work in a new routine, get all the paperwork done and determine our dance captain! Maybe TNS East, TNS West, the first ever TNS Regionals team that made it to Interationals. That same years Nationals and Internationals teams could, but not us! We aren't as amazing as them! We can not do it in a few days if we tried!" Amy yelled.

"So are you saying you have no faith in us?" Leah asks. "Yeah I am!" Amy yelled and then stormed out of the room clearly frustrated.

"Ok dancers.." Piper said a little scared... She was scared of how the other dancers would react. "I will gocheck up on Amy. And also I want to announce that we have a new team member joining us." Piper declared and then Margie walked in the doors. Now with straight brown hair, she looked amazing.

Piper then stormed off to go help Amy. "Amy? What has gotten into you? You just ran off?!" Piper yelled a little annoyed when she noticed Amy crying underneath the desk in their office. "I--don'--." Amy tried to get the words out whilst crying - however that was proving to be impossible. "Oh, come here." Piper said and then grabbed Amy's hand to help her up. "Fine!" Amy grunted unhappily with Piper forcing her to speak. "The new A-Troupe is so different from the old TNS that took us to Internationals for the second time, Jacquie, Richelle, Noah, Zara, us two, Heather and Henry! We killed it out there and we were amazing. However these dancers are clearly not the best dancers however they could be better! I see potential however I don't think that these dancers are loyal to what they do best! They do not understand how serious dancing meant to the last team that compete under The Next Steps tittle! They don't know that they have a legacy to withhold for their studio."

"Well then lets teach them!" Piper said and dragged Amy to the studio, the main studio. Adam looked around - to Adam, with him being one of the smallest dancers there, he felt as if it was hard to make friends. Leah was the only one around his age, 13. Leah was 14. Birdging the gap between the fifteen year olds of the team and Adam as there was a clear different in height, looks, and dance ability by the two ages.

Piper looked around and stared at the eight dancers. "Alright dancers. You dancers have a lot to be dealing with. We can't leave any rehearsal unrehearsed. We have to use our time wisely because..." Piper's voice trailed off. "We have a very big reputation as Internationals chamions that we are defending. We desperately need this internationals win more then anything! Because after 10 years of being over-shadowed in the dark and not being in the limelight. We need to come back stronger then ever, and with a win!" Piper yelled. All the dancers stood there silent with their eyes widened, unsure if they could be up for the task of dancing. They were now questioning if they were good enough.

"Now let's run the routine!" Amy said. "But we don't have a routine." Aria said. "Well then let's make one." Piper turned on Top Of The World (Female Vocals) and the dancers all began to dance. Piper mutters to herself about how she doesn't have a single clue on how their team will do at Regionals, but she feels that because they have not been competing for ten years - that they will come out on top once again.


Margie is a potential member of A-Troupe.

Leah is crushing on Adam.