Noah is a Contemporary Dancer that is on A-Troupe formerly on Gemini Dance Studio. He was co-captain with Richelle and Piper

Noah becomes disillusioned by the troupe after it becomes TNS East and joins TNS West. He is one of the dancers to merge as the new unified A-Troupe.


Season 5

Since breaking up with Amanda, Noah finally finds himself interested in a girl; Noah gains a crush on Jacquie, who he meets at a ballet workshop.

Noah excitedly tells Henry about Jacquie, but is forbidden by him from dating her, seeing as she is the ex-girlfriend who broke his heart. Although Noah is happy to make it onto A-Troupe with her, he realizes that nothing can become of their relationship.

Noah struggles to keep his word to Henry, but is adamant about doing so because he values their friendship. Nonetheless, Noah notes undeniable chemistry with Jacquie, which he is not honest to Henry about. This lack of honesty with Henry is what causes Noah to lose his friendship.

Wanting to spend time with her nonetheless, Noah asks Jacquie out on a date after rehearsal, which she accepts. Noah is met with Richelle's wrath after Emily tells her about Noah's complaint, he feels guilty for hurting Richelle but nonetheless their friendship ends. Noah is forced into a longer rehearsal with no access to his cellphone, unintentionally ditching Jacquie.

Noah comes to believe that Henry is dating Heather, and subsequently pursues Jacquie. When met with Jacquie's wariness, Noah comes clean to Jacquie about how he feels about her, thus beginning his relationship with her. Noah is confused by Henry's continuous hostility until he realizes that Heather is not Henry's girlfriend. Having had enough, Noah tells Henry that he will be around when he decides to grow up.

He witness Skylar kickoff Ethan from TNS West. He wonders if Emily would have done that for him. He leaves TNS East and joins TNS West. Noah is therefore the most devastated at TNS West's loss to TNS East in the dance battle,seeing as simply remaining on his former team would have meant victory.

Noah is the first person who agrees to Piper and Amy's idea of a merge between the teams after the entire studio is disallowed from competing at Regionals, despite seeing the possible consequences if the attempt fails. Noah is worried about Jacquie's wariness to join the merge, even more so upon the discovery that she has been offered a chance to dance at Gemini. He is ecstatic when Jacquie decides to stay and even more when the merge works, allowing the newly unified team to compete at Regionals.

Unable to create sufficient contemporary choreography for the qualifier video, Noah tasks Jacquie with the job. He is upset to find that she has created hip-hop choreography instead and confronts her about it, leading to what Noah deems the worst fight he has ever had with Jacquie. While this impasse persists for some time, Noah is able to eventually reconcile with Jacquie after she watches the video and sees that he was right about the choreography.

Noah is ecstatic when his team wins Regionals.

Season 6

He re-auditions for A-Troupe and makes it. When He turns eighteen, he is cut from A-Troupe. He leaves the next step. He rejoins the team and they win Nationals

Season 7

He And 5 other dancers are asked to join Gemini Dance Studio. Noah becomes Dance Captain. He becomes a group leader of the Gemini Male dancers who pick on The Next Step Dancers for their size and physical apperance. But Noah puts a stop to it.