One Step Closer is the 18th episode of season 6 of The Next Step and is the 12nd episode in total. It aired on July 20th, 2018.


Regionals Wildfire films a video, to get them one step closer to achieving the regionals dream.


A-troupe is in the studio, talking amungst themselves and Michelle shows up wearing her dance clothes and goes into Emily’s office. Emily glances up slightly which causes her to ask if she’s made her mind up, and then Emily in anger, ridicules her in talking heads, due too how Michelle had to extend the time and right now, they need a solid team. Michelle says that right now she can’t make up her mind so she was hoping if it would be ok if she could do a test run. Emily says that no, that’s not oKay, they have a team to prepare and Michelle just can’t waltz in and demand to be a dancer on the team. She has to be certain and audition. Michelle says that she just needs one day. Emily says that this is unacceptable. Michelle begins to plead and then Emily sighs an d agrees on a one day trial, but no more extending the time. Michelle thanks Emily and walks off.

Piper walks over to Michelle and hugs her. Piper asks if this means Michelle is an official member of the team and then Michelle looks down for a slight bit before turning back to Piper and then clarifies on how this is just a test run. Piper nods hesitantly and then walks back. She begins to talk to Amy and then Emily walks out and states that right now, their team is struggling, however, she wants to film a video to show the dedication they have. Which with this, also comes with them creating a new dance. She then adds on about how this needs to bring the team together and they will each do one to five moves and then let the person beside them dance and then they will do a lot of flips and tricks and pose. Everyone nods and then Emily says that they have James and Eldon coming in as camera man. Emily says in talking heads that Eldon and James now actually run their own troupe with Riley and Thalia as co-choreogrpahers and says that they are not a serious competitive troupe like The Next Step is, but Hopefully one day, things will change.

James and Eldon come in with the camera equiptment and then Eldon says that they have a busy schedule Ahead of them so they need to get cracking. They then all get in a line. Emily starts saying that hey, she is Emily, the current studio head of The Next Step, she and her best competitive dancers have formed a troupe called Regionals Wildfire in an effort to prove that Regionals is not something that they can just give up. They need to fight, and this video is to prove that they won’t back down. they then start chanting Regionals Wildfire 10 times and then Emily says to hit it. James hits the radio and Rewind starts to play. Michelle does a grande jete, Piper does 10 pirouettes And then fallls down on the ground. Richelle, even with her injury, does an arabesqu. Amy goes into the splits. Noah does a B-Twist Katy does a Y-Scale and then Aria does a ponche. Josh then does some tutting and then Jacquie ends it off with the splits. Everyone then starts clapping and then comes into unison to do a contemporary/hip hop mashup and it looks so cool and then after that they end it with free styling all over the room at the same time and then they pose and then they yell that they won’t be stopped.

Skylar walks in and then admits in talking heads that she needs to tall to Eldon. Noah asks is Skylar is here to join the protest and then Skylar says no, she does not care about some stupid little protest and then turns to Eldon and yells at him, scolding him for how he was supposed to film her dance so she could send some video footage to companies around the world and says that without Regionals, she has no where to go and Eldon was gonna help her. Piper says that this campaign is for regionals. Skylar sarcastically yells good luck, because that isn’t an option anymore and then storms off in anger.