Ozzy is a Hip-Hop Dancer on A-Troupe


Season 5

Ozzy is excited to audition for A-Troupe and is disappointed when he isn't even allowed to audition. He becomes a member of B-Troupe and is the first to join TNS West.

Ozzy is disappointed when his team loses the dance battle to TNS East. However, with Noah’s help, Ozzy discovers that Elliot is a professional dancer, this making TNS East's win invalid. Ozzy is shocked when, nonetheless, the studio is completely disallowed from competing at Regionals due to the teams' fighting. He eventually joins the merged team, which is allowed back into the bid for the Regionals title.

Ozzy realizes that he booked the venue for the filming of the qualifier video on the wrong day and that the venue is not available for the needed day. He reluctantly reveals this to Kingston, who helps him to find another venue in time for the shoot.

Ozzy is elated when the team wiNS Regionals.

Season 6

He is one the Nationals team. Then Emily cuts him because there is a better dancer than him.

Season 7

When Emily and Giselle become owners of the next step, Ozzy auditions and makes it.