Our Last Resort: Part 1 is the 25th episode of season 6 of The Next Step and is the 179 episode in total. It aired on Aguest 14th, 2018. It is a part of a 2 part special entitled “The Lead Up” in Britain,and in Canada and everywhere else, the two parter is called “It All Comes Down To This”. part one aired on a separate day then Part 2. With the one-hour special premeiring together on the 24th of the same month. On September 7th, the DVD for this two-parter came out. With the pre-order being availible starting from the 24th of the month.


The competiton to get new dancers works.


Noah was in the locker room, stretching as his solo was going up in five minutes, he was the starting. Noah then sighs Katy good luck but then turns to Jacquie and just walks off. Henry calls his name from the back of the locker room, playing nice. Henry says that his game is to trick Noah into thinking he has his back and then when Noah walks over he goes all out on him. Noah turns to see over his back and sees Henry and walks over and Noah says he should probably be going but he can make time for his best friend. Henry says that Noah has no clue what Noah is doing. Does he? Noah asks why and then Henry says that going for the solo and how Noah has been behaving. He knows all. And Noah has been a horrible friend. About how Noah has not been supportive, and has been so selfish recently. Noah asks whose side Henry is on. Henry says Jacquie, because this is so awful. Noah has been turning into a monster and Henry asks for Noah to get help because this is a toxic relationship he has and this won’t end well. Noah sighs and Henry says that he can’t stand by and watch Noah being a huge role in Jacquie’s demise. He wants Noah to stay away from him and says that he and Noah are no longer friends. And because of Jacquie

Michelle, in studio A, says that with everyone here, they can begin and says Noah’s name through a P.A. System. Noah walks in with his costume on and then goes up onto the dance floor. Hit My Heart plays and Noah does a fantastic hip hop solo and everyone claps. After that, Katy goes up and dances to Turn On My Heart. Everyone claps and then Michelle announces another girls name and then another after that girl plays. Jacquie is in the locker room with her costume on and then says in talking heads that she is the fifth solo, she just needs to wait for the last solo to go up. The fourth solo ends and then Henry says that before she goes on stage, he needs to talk to her. Jacquie asks if it is about Noah, and how Henry is the middle man because she knows how much Henry cares about Noah. Henry says no, and then holds her two hands, and says that he loves her. A tear falling down Jacquie’s cheek and then kisses her and then Jacquie goes up to dance to Home. When Jacquie finishes she walks off and then Noah walks over to Jacquie and apologizes and then says that his grandmother has been sick and it’s been going on for a while now, ever since regionals last year was when it all started, and because of this, he’s been having money problems which has really taken a toll on his personality. Jacquie shakes her head no and says that she does not know if she can trust Noah. How does she know Noah won’t freak out again. Noah holds Jacquie’s hand and says that, he only cared too much for her and because she was the only good thing in his life, he wanted to so badly protest her and guesses that perhaps he just got too carried away. Jacquie chuckles and says that maybe they could be friends. Noah says that maybe someday, Jacquie could think about being more then friends. Jacquie says that she can’t because she has started seeing someone. Henry then walks over and then hugs her. Jacquie then kisses him and in talking heads Noah looks awkward and asks about Henry and Jacquie dating and asks what just happened.

Amy walks into the hallway of the studio to see Piper, and then Piper rushes over to see Amy and Amy asks if Piper could come back. Noah and her both really need duet partners. Piper shakes her head no and Amy asks why. Piper says it is because she has a crush. On josh. Amy says in talking heads that she can relate and then looks down. Amy says that she also has a crush and she knows that it will never be. Piper asks who and then Amy says that she is unable to say. Piper asks why and then Amys says that this is personal. Piper says that she is Amy’s best friend. She can tell her anything. Amy says that.. It’s a girl. And then walks off and then Piper’s face drops, and then in talking heads asks if it is her.

Noah is pacing around in the locker area and then Piper walks in and says that she is ready to go and then Noah smiles and then the next shot is with Noah and Piper, in studio A, dancing their hardest. The music had just begun and everyone is smiling. Piper says in talking heads that she can push through the pain and the duet is making her feel super happy and then Noah says that he feels like he is on cloud 9 right now, dancing with Piper is amazing. After the dance, Piper heads back into the locker room to change and then sees Amy. Amy smiles and then says that now their duet is up. Piper gets her costume on and then gets over to Studio A. Home turns on and then they dance. Everyone claps and then Amy hugs Piper at the end. Piper says in talking heads that whoever Amy likes is not her problem, Amy can deal with it herself. Amy says that she feels ready to tell her who her crush is. Amy takes Piper into the locker room but then begins to stutter when she’s about to say that person’s name. Amy in talking heads says that she can’t say it and then runs off.