Pay The Price is the 4rth episode of season 6 of The Next Step, and the 158th episode in total. This episode aired on November 17th, 2017.


Richelle struggles to fit in after getting her dream. Lucian begins to make his group work hard. Two dancers audition, which leads two sisters to hate each other.


Everyone is walking around, and talking to one another before rehearsal starts. Richelle is just looking around, boredly. Wanting to know what to do or say. She goes over to Amy and Piper and says hey. She then goes over to Jacquie and Josh and says hey once more, however, no one is wanting to talk to her. She slumps down and sighs, wanting to already give up on her endeavors of making friends.

Lucian walks in and lets a smile drip down from his face. He tells everyone to get ready and then they get into their formations and start working on a new routine. Lucian is giving them the moves and Piper and Amy are doing so good. Lucian then suggests that they have a little duet with Jacquie and Amy. Piper frowns and admits that she was hoping they could do the duet. Nonetheless, Amy and Jacquie agree and they start working on it. After that, they are dismissed. Piper asks if her and Amy want to hang out at Neutral Grounds. Amy shakes her head no and says that she has rehearsal with Jacque. Piper asks about how rehearsal is already finished. Amy says extra rehearsals, because they don't want to mess up. Piper nods, and frowns. Admitting that she'd love to hang out with her friend. Two dancers walk into the room and Lucian hugs them. Katy and Aria take seats and then Amy looks from the corner of her eyes to see her sister, Katy. Amy rushes over to Katy and asks what she's doing here. Katy says that this is her turf now. Amy says that she has been dancing here for about a year now and Katy won't take this away from her. Katy says that she is going to nail her audition. Amy shakes her head no and says in talking heads that she will not know what to do if Katy makes it onto the team.

Lucian then tells Amy, Piper and Jacquie to step to the side, and then tells Katy and Aria that the two will be auditioning for his team today and asks which one of them would like to go up first. Katy agrees and then goes up. Classicality turns on and then Katy does a lyrical dance. Amy says in talking heads that out of her sisters, Katy has always been the more technical and strict of the two and she does not want her sister here because her sister will complain about being stuck in her shadow or just be really rude to her. Amy is just staring at her blankly. The music stops and then Amy is shook at how good of a dancer Katy actually is. In talking heads, Amy reveals that she never knew Katy's full abilities, because they always danced at separate studios. But now, she was seeing her full potential. And this explains why Gale, her mother, always favors Katy.

After that, Lucian calls up Aria and then Aria goes up and does a ballet solo to Top Of The World. Lucian says that he was blown away by both two solos and that they are both on the team.

The scene switches and now everyone is having a team meeting. Lucian tells them that they will be holding auditions for the featured spot on A-Troupe. Everyone claps and then they each do solos to the same song: Stand Up. Starting with Aria, and then Katy, then Richelle, then Jacquie, then Amy, then Piper and then Josh. Lucian compliments them and then says that the alternate on the team is going to be... Katy. Amy in talking heads says yes! This means she is the better dancer and then Katy runs off crying.

Amy walks off to see Katy, in the hallway, crying on the bench. Amy asks what's wrong and then Katy says that Amy did this. Amy asks what she did and then Katy says that if it was not for Amy, she would have been on the team and then grabs her bag and storms off. Saying that she's going to talk to mom about it. Amy says in talking heads that this means she might have to leave... This is the worst case scenario and exactly why she wanted Katy not at The Next Step in the first place.


  • - Katy and Aria have joined A-Troupe.
  • Katy is favored by Gale.
  • Katy is Amy’s younger sister.
  • Katy is an alternate.