Piper is a contemporary Dancer and is Former Dance Captain of A-Troupe.

In Season 5, Piper becomes Dance Captain of TNS East and then co-captain of the Internationals Team. In Season 6 she steps down from Dance Captain.


Before The show

Piper was a member of the A-Troupe that lost regionals. After Regionals, Piper end the zero percent club since Sloane and Cassie left the team.

Season 5

Piper becomes more focused on making the new regionals team and is ready for what is  up ahead. She makes the team and Amy doesn't make the team.

She becomes dance captain of TNS East and she leads her team to victory. She is one of the dancers to merge together. Then when Elliot becomes the Elite studio owner and when they merge Piper is one of The Next Step dancer to make the team. After the merge Piper and Michelle become Dance Co-Captain.

She and Lola become best friends and teaches Jacquie the finals routine. She tries to fix her relationship with Amy.



She is okay at Arcro but it is one of weakest styles of dance.


She is better at contemporary is her best style.