Piper is a contemporary Dancer on TNS West.


Before The Show

Piper learnt to dance. She auditioned for A-Troupe and made it. She went to regionals and lost with A-Troupe.

Season 5

Piper auditions for A-Troupe and although she makes it, she is saddened that Amy doesn't. Piper struggles with the troupe's choreography, much of which is acro-based.Piper gets help from Amy with the choreography with her, in turn, becomes complicit in Amy lying to her mother about which troupe she belongs to.

She helps Amy get onto A-Troupe it goes to plan but She gets cut and joins TNS West. She becomes Dance captain of TNS west.



  • Acro: Piper can do an aerial, but cannot tumble.
  • Ballet: Piper is proficient at ballet. She can dance on pointe. She pulls off a ballet/hip-hop duet with Elliot at the competition for the home studio advantage.
  • Contemporary: Piper's dominant style of dance is contemporary. She is very proficient at the style and has flawless technique.
  • Hip-hop: Hip-hop is not Piper's dominant style, although, after learning to do so from Sloane, Piper becomes proficient in tutting.


Season 5