Piper is a Contemporary Dancer on A-Troupe who is formerly Co-Dance Captain with Richelle. she was formerly on B-Troupe. She was Dance Captain Of TNS West.

Piper auditions for A-Troupe, and makes it, but struggles with the difficult and acro-oriented choreography. When Amy is pulled out of the studio, Piper succeeds in getting Amy onto TNS East , but at the cost of her own spot on the team. Therefore, Piper joins TNS West. Her initiative in suggesting a dance-a-thon causes her to be given the title of dance captain, which she eventually loses to Michelle .

After the win at regionals, Piper decides to focus on Dance and not boys. Then Piper is demoted to B-Troupe By Miss Angela . then Riley moves Piper back into A-Troupe.

After the Nationals win, Piper is chosen as Dance Captain to lead them to Internationals.


Season 5

Piper auditions for A-Troupe and although she makes it, she is saddened that Amy doesn't. Piper struggles with the troupe's choreography, much of which is acro-based. Piper gets help from Amy with the choreography with her, in turn, becomes complicit in Amy lying to her mother about which troupe she belongs to.

Although, after being punished by Emily for teaching Amy the troupe's choreography, Piper refuses to lie for Amy anymore and tells her that she will not talk to her until she tells her mother the truth.Piper continues to avoid Amy when she is able to be in Leon Blackwood's dance and she isn't.

Piper takes pity on Amy upon discovering that her mother found out the truth and pulled her out of the studio. Despite Emily's opposition to alternates, Piper is sure that she can get Amy to be one on TNS East. Piper teaches Amy some of Daniel's choreography and performs it for Daniel and Emily with Amy. Piper is elated when Amy makes it onto the troupe, although her happiness devolves into devastation when she is cut. Piper approaches Skylar in the hopes of getting onto TNS West and is instantly allowed onto the team.

Piper is disappointed when her team loses the dance battle to TNS East, but even more so when the entire studio is disallowed from competing at Regionals. Upon overhearing Skylar’s and Emily's new agreement to completely segregate the two teams, Piper enlists Amy into a plan to get the opposing teams to merge and create a routine to convince Kate to change her decision. The plan proves successful, but Piper ultimately loses her dance captaincy in favour of Noah. Unused to being a regular dancer on the team, Piper tries to convince Heather to audition with her for the female hip-hop solo but realizes, upon Heather's assertion against it, that she didn't care about the solo herself; she merely misses exercising the power she had as dance captain.

Season 6

Piper struggles with the new studio head. Miss Angela’s demotes Piper to B-Troupe. Then Riley returns and brings her back to A-Troupe.