Regionals Wildfire is a troupe devoured to getting Regioanals back.


in “Leap Of Faith” Regionals Wildfire was formed when Michelle finds out about all of Lucian’s strict rules and how the competiton will be rigged for them and decides to, along with Emily, protest over it.

At first, Piper, and Amy are the first two to join due to it being mostly their idea. Followed immidiately by the studio-less Noah. And then in “Wrong Timing” they recruit Josh.

jacquie is informed of the new protesting team, and is the reason she hates Noah. She is first skeptical when first hearing about their plans.

They finally get Katy in “Bad Together”.

In ”No Goodbyes”, Jacquie tells Richelle due to being unable to hold it in and then Richelle takes it to Lucian. They hold a vote and Regionals Wildfire is now the main troupe of the studio, disbandining the other, more strict, troupe. Which angers Richelle so she at first shows no interest.

Dusing the said vote, Jacquie takes a stand and chooses to vote. With Richelle outvoted, 8-1, it becomes the main troupe. Which is the whole reason Amy and Jacquie stop being Richelle’s friend.

In the episode One Step Closer, they film a video to try and convince the board to bring Regionals back and after that, there is a meeting between Emily, one of the two co-heads, and the owner.

During ”Bring Him In”, Elliot is asked by Emily to come rejoin the troupe, due to there being no set rules in place. During “Therapy”, Amy manages to bring Sloane and La-Troy onto the team along with Luther Brown and the other 157 people on the tour.

They have a competiton in the episode “Our Last Resort: Part 1” in an effort to bring in more dancers, it gets Cassie and Alfie to come back, as well as many others to join the cause they are fighting for and they perform a group routine to Stand Up which consists of one thousand and two dancers in “What You Came For: Part 2”.