Richelle is a member of A-Troupe and a former member of TNS East.

When Amanda left the studio, Richelle began to voice her crush on Noah. After a while, Noah and Richelle became a couple.

Richelle is chosen for a trio for "Ready for Regionals?" with Noah and Lola and wins the first round, but unfortunately lost the second round.

Richelle is made Dance Captain of TNS East, although when she joins the merged A-Troupe, she loses the title to Piper.


Season 5

Richelle confesses to Noah that she has feelings for him, and offers him to attend her prom night.

Richelle auditions for A-Troupe, and makes it onto the team.

Richelle is unhappy when she learns that she learns that the new A-Troupe has to re-audition to make it onto TNS East or TNS West. After her audition, Richelle makes it onto TNS East.

Richelle was in a trio with Noah and Lola.

Noah kisses Richelle and they become a couple.

Richelle's trio with Lola and Noah is successful in the first round, but lose the second round against TNS West.

Richelle is made Dance Captain by Emily.

Richelle feels guilty after her and Emily make Amy an alternate and make her leave the troupe to join TNS West.

Richelle becomes friends with Heather, but has to end this friendship quickly after she tells Michelle the secret that Heather trusted her to keep.

Richelle partakes in the merge between TNS East and TNS West.

Richelle befriends Ozzy and performs a duet with him.

Richelle competes against Piper to remain Dance Captain. She choreographs a dance, but unfortunately loses the title.


Season 5

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