Richelle is an Acro Dancer on TNS East Who is dance captain.

Richelle is made dance captain of TNS East.


Before The Show

Richelle Joined J-Troupe.

She auditioned for A-Troupe and made it.

Season 5

Richelle makes it onto A-Troupe and is made dance captain, much to her excitement. She is immediately wary of Lola's subsequent kindness toward her, believing it to be a means of sucking up to her for a featured spot in one of the routines. Although, after seeing Lola stand up for her and refuse a proposed solo, Richelle is willing to give their friendship a chance.



Emily has claimed that Richelle is a technically amazing dancer, even better than Noah in some cases.

  • Acro: Acro is Richelle's dominant style of which she is exceptionally proficient in. Her peers are consistently amazed by her skills at acro.
  • Ballet: Ballet is another of Richelle's dominant styles and she is constantly impressing both her peers and superiors in her skills at ballet.
  • Contemporary: Richelle is very proficient in contemporary.
  • Hip-hop: Richelle is proficient at hip-hop. She is one of three dancers selected to vie for a hip-hop solo.
  • Jazz: Richelle is proficient in jazz. She performs a jazz solo to "Let's Go" which impresses Noah. She also performs a jazz duet with Noah to "Bicicletta" that impresses the SNR Network hosts for Regionals.


Season 5