Richelle is a Acro and Ballet Dancer currently on A-Troupe.

Richelle auditions for A-Troupe makes it, and during the filming of the video she discovers that she has snapping hip syndrome.


before the show

Richelle did gymnastics, but started dancing when one of her friends did.

The Next Step:New Starts Season 5

After a Disappointing dance season, Richelle auditions for A-Troupe and makes it.

Richelle is elated when she helps TNS East win the dance battle against TNS West and becomes especially impressed by newcomer, Elliot, who is temporarily her teammate. She is furious upon her team being disallowed from competing at Regionals and eventually joins the newly merged A-Troupe upon which the opportunity to compete returns.

When given the opportunity to compete against Zara and Jacquie for the female solo, Richelle sees this as an opportunity for redemption. Although, much to her anger and disbelief, Zara gets the spot over her. Richelle holds a subsequent grudge against Zara, stealing her idea for the new qualifier videoroutine, and ultimately gloating when Zara's hip-hop solo is replaced by a pointe solo for herself. During this time, Richelle finds out that she has snapping hip syndrome, but only tells Lola and forces her not to tell anybody else.

Richelle is infuriated to find the shank of her pointe shoe broken and erroneously deems the perpetrator to be Zara, believing to to be an act of revenge. However, she is all the more hurt to discover that it is Lola who broke the shank of her shoe and refuses to be her friend any longer.

Richelle continues to hide her injury and, upon Daniel's advice, merely reinforces her pointe shoe with duct tape. She ultimately dances in the video and performs her solo, but at a price; Richelle ends up hospitalized.

Season 6

Richelle Returns to A-Troupe. Michelle makes her dance captain. A week after Davis arrives Richelle makes her captain of the team.


Season 5

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