Riley is a former head and member of A-Troupe and The Next Step Dance Studio.

When The Next Step lost Regionals, Riley struggled to make a decision to weather to stay at or leave The Next Step. After advice from Emily and James, Riley finally decided to leave The Next Step.

Michelle asks Riley if she would like to help choreograph for TNS West, she accepts to and brings James and West along.


Season 5

Riley feels guilty when Amanda leaves the studio and starts to question her role as Studio Head. Riley decides to step down as Studio Head and leave The Next Step.

Riley grants Emily the role as Studio Head, but after overhearing Piper and Cassie saying how great she is, Riley regrets her decision. Emily refuses to let Riley have the role back, upsetting her.

When Michelle needs help with choreographing, Riley helps her and brings James and West along. Riley helps Piper with her acro and is happy when TNS West win.


Season 5

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