Robbie is a Acro Dancer on A-Troupe Formerly at Gemini Dance Studio. He is also currently the Dance Captain Of A-Troupe.

In Season 8, Robbie arrives at Gemini Dance Studio And dances with his older brother, Noah. Noah teaches him how to be a good Dance Captain.


before The Show

Robbie learnt how to dance. He learnt all the styles but his strongest was Acro.

Season 8

Robbie arrives at Gemini because Miss Angela found him and thought he would be a good fit to Gemini where he befriends Joe. After miss Angela shuts Gemini he auditions for A-Troupe and makes it. he gets a crush on Davis. But starts dating Piper

Physical Apperances

He is 5’4. He has browny black hair. He is strong. He Normaly wears long sleeve tops that are Blue and wears Slim fit black bottoms and wears no shoes when he dances.



This is his strongest style and dominant style.


He dance contemporary when he is in routines. It is one of his strongest styles.