Running Out Of Time is the 12th episode of season 6 of The Next Step and the 166th episode in total. It aired on December 19th, 2017.


With the qualifier approaching, Amy makes amends with Katy and messes with Piper.


A-troupe was stretching and Piper looks on to see a lonesome Amy. Amy says in talking heads that since her little issue with Piper, she has not been feeling the best. Amy shares the glance with the former friend and then walks over and says sorry and hugs her. Piper asks how Amy came to her senses. Amy says that her quote on quote “friends” tried to pressure her into messing up Piper’s solo. Piper was appalled and then walks over to Richelle and Jacquie. Piper says that she can try to come between the two of them but nothing will ever come in between them. Jacquie scoffs and asks if the two dancers are really so good. Piper rolls her eyes and then says that they are the best dancers in the studio. Jacquie asks if the two would like to take this duo on. Piper says yes. They will. Jacquie is confident that her team will win.

Be Free Tonight turned on and then Piper and Amy began to dance their hardest but Richelle and Jacquie came back stronger. Piper and Amy look at each other confused and in talking heads, Piper asks if they are really the best like they were thinking. Jacquie says that there is a reason she got a featured solo in the group and Piper snaps back, saying that there is a reason that the two got their solos. And then Piper drags Amy into the hallway. Piper says that she knows what Amy has to do. Amy rolls her eyes and asks what. Piper says that she needs to make amends with her sister, Katy, Amy sighs, saying that she knows it won’t be easy but she’ll put in the effort.

Amy walks over to Katy. Katy says that she does not want to talk to Amy. Amy asks for Katy to just give up, it has been two months, so she needs to just forgive and forget. Learn to let go. Katy asks how fun that’d be. Amy reminds Katy on how life is only so short. Which makes Katy nod and then hug her sister. Amy then says that she’s gonna go fight for Katy to be a featured dancer. Amy and Katy walk into studio 1’s office and then ask to talk to Lucian. Lucian asks what this is about and then Amy says that she wants to know why exactly Katy is not a featured dancer. Lucian says it is not because she is a bad dancer, it is because they already have too much space. Amy says to then make space, because if her mom finds out, Amy will be pulled from the studio. Lucian nods, and then Amy asks about the need for alternates. Lucian nods and then promotes Katy to a featured dancer and then goes in to make the announcement.

Amy, Richelle and Jacquie are talking alone, the three of them, in the main studio, studio 1 and then Richelle asks Jacquie what’s new and Jacquie says not much. Richelle agrees and then Richelle tells Amy that she needs to get her friend to simmer down. Amy stutters and says that she will and then in talking heads says as soon as she figures out a way to do so and says that that is a task which is practically impossible.

Piper and Amy are speaking in Neutral Grounds, and then Amy asks Piper if she could maybe not be such a… choice words kind of girl. Piper asks what she’s saying. Amy says that her other friends, Richelle, Jacquie, them, did not like her words. Piper says that it is just because it was to them, trust her, if it were anyone else the words were too, they would not mind. Amy nods. But then Amy says that her friends are still upset. Piper asks if she is seriously still trying to talk to them? Can’t Amy see, they are trying to mess with her. Piper asks how she could say that her friends, not her, have been there for her, unlike Piper. Piper gasps, asking how Amy could be saying that and then walks off and then Piper storms off.

Piper walks into Neutral Grounds to see if she could talk to Piper. She scans the area to see then a table with Amy, Richelle and Jacquie. Piper grits her teeth at the thought of Amy still talking to them, hadn’t she realized that they are bad people? Richelle asks how Amy is going to mess with Piper. Amy says that she has the best idea. Jacquie asks how as they laugh and then Amy says that she is getting inside her head with making drama to stir her up. Piper growls and then walks off. Asking in talking heads about how all of this, was just in an attempt to bring her dancing down?