Fanfiction Season

Stuff You Need To Know

Hi there! Im writing my own fanfiction for season six. For this, I have made up my own ending for Season 5. So, TNS East and West merge and the team ends up being: Piper, Amy, Noah, Henry, Jacquie, Heather, Lola, Ozzy, Kingston, Richelle and Zara. Josh starts dating Piper but breaks up with her for Zara. Lola steals Richelle's spot as dance captain, Jacquie breaks up with Noah for Henry but still hasn't told Henry how she feels. Noah and Piper start dating. The team go to Regionals and win so are now moving on to Nationals!


TNS are once again off to Nationals and are hungry to prove themselves. But will the drama bring the team down?

Episodes: Fresh Start