Faith is the 4th episode of Season 1. This episode was aired on the 21st October 2017


TNS East and TNS West go head to head at the regionals qualifier. Kate says no team is going to regionals.


In Studio 1, Zoe is dancing to Faith. Skye enters and says “Zoe, what are you doing.” Zoe says “dancing.” Skye says “we are going to the qualifer”

Intro - Frazer and Henry, Richelle and Amy, Piper and Robbie, Zoe and Issac, Daniela and Skye, Faith and Callum, Michelle and Lola.

At the competition, There are 15 teams and only 5 makes it to regionals. Gemini goes on and Lola sees Zara on the team with Heather, Jacquie and Noah. Lola says (Talking Heads caption says Contemporary Dancer) “we don’t stand a chance against Gemini.” They score 98 points. Then TNS West goes on with Elliot, Kingston, Richelle and Amy they do really well they score 96 points. Then TNS East goes on and they go on and score 98 points.

In Studio 1, Henry is waiting for Faith. Then Skylar enters and says “where’s Skye ?” Henry says “I don’t know.” At the qualifier, The judges announces the teams going to regionals. They say TNS East, Steps, Gemini Dance Studio, Rhythm plus, Dance Extreme and TNS West. Then they get the dance captain of both TNS East and TNS West but TNS west doesn’t have a dance captain and TNS East’s Dance Captain quit.

In Studio A, Both teams are celebrating then Miss Kate says “well congrats on making it to regionals but they phoned me say only one team get go to regionals. And I have chosen no one since you rip apart the studio again so no one is going to regionals.” Piper says (Talking Heads caption says Temporary TNS East‘s Dance Captain) “what, now that Miss Kate has taken everything way from me and the studio.”

In Neutral Grounds, Amy is speaking to Piper about what Kate did. Amy says “why don’t we merge TNS East and West.” Piper says “wow, that might work but who are we going to ask.” Amy says “well 6 from TNS East and 6 from TNS West.” Piper says “okay.”

In Studio 1, Piper asks Skye, Daniela, Lola, Zoe, Issac, Callum and Frazer. Issac and Zoe refuse the offer. In Studio A, Amy asks Kingston, Elliot and Richelle and Elliot refuse the offer. In Studio A, The merge dancers enter. Then Michelle enters and says “what is going on?” Piper says “well, we are merging the Studios together. Would you like to join?” Michelle says “yes.” Then Henry, Robbie and Skye enter the studio. Michelle says “we need to choose a dance captain otherwise this is not going to work.” Skye says “you“ Michelle says (Talking Heads caption says Untied TNS Dance Captain ) “as dance captain we need to work together or this will fall apart and we will not get to regionals.”


  • TNS East and TNS West Have United.
  • Untied TNS contains Michelle, Frazer, Henry, Callum, Robbie, Kingston, Amy, Richelle, Piper, Daniela, Skye and Lola.
  • Teams going to regionals are Steps Dance Company, Rhythm Plus, Gemini Dance Studio, Dance Extreme And The Next Step Dance Studio.
  • TNS East now contains Faith, Issac, Zoe
  • TNS West contains Rebecca, Elliot, Robert, Rachael, Ozzy, Georgia And Yasmine
  • Michelle is Dance captain of Untied TNS .