Heartbreaker is the 3rd episode of Season 1. This episode was aired on the 20th October 2017


TNS West Get their final two dancers. A new dancer enters the studio and messes everything up for both teams.


In Studio A, Richelle is dancing to when War is over. Richelle says (Talking Heads. Talking heads caption says Former TNS East Dancer) “last year I went to regionals but this time it’s war, TNS East doesn’t stand a chance against us.”

Intro - Henry and Frazer, Richelle and Amy, Piper and Robbie, Michelle and Issac, Zoe and Callum, Skye and Daniela, Faith and Lola.

In Studio 1, A-Troupe is dancing to Top of the world. Faith says (Talking Heads. Talking heads caption says Contemporary Dancer) “I love being on TNS East. This routine is very contemporay based and I love it we are definitely going to stand out at regionals.” Robbie says (Talking heads caption says Arco Dancer.) “I love this style of dance but it not me.” Issac says (Talking Heads caption says Hip-hop Dancer) “this year I want to make my mark on the team since last year I audition for Gemini Dance Studio, I made it but I wasn’t featured in any of the dances.”

In Studio 2, TNS West is rehearsing a Hip-Hop routine then two dancers enter Georgia and Sarah.They audition. Georgia says (Talking Heads caption says New Dancer) “I Dance because I love the way it makes me feel.” Sarah says (Talking Heads caption says New Dancer) “I Know what the studio is like and now I am going to be on a team that reflects my life and how I feel.” Hannah says “that was very good but Sarah your not good enough to be on my team.”

In Studio 1, Michelle starts dancing to Faith. Michelle says (Talking Heads caption says TNS East‘s Dance Captain) “this drama between each team is causing so much trouble. I think I need to leave before the studio falls apart.” Emily says “what are you doing here?” Michelle says ”well, Emily I will be leaving before your drama takes control of the studio.” Emily says (Talking Heads caption says Studio Head) “with Michelle leaving I‘m going to need a new dance captain until Michelle comes back.”

In Neutral Grounds, Piper Meets Amy. Piper says “Michelle has left A-Troupe so there is a spot on A-Troupe.” Michelle says “no there is not a spot on the team Piper. I could still come back.” Amy says (Talking Heads Caption says TNS West Dancer.) “I Need to get back on A-Troupe.”

In Emily‘s Office, Faith is playing, Emily says (Talking Heads caption says TNS East‘s Studio Head) “everything is falling apart. With the battle between TNS West is going to be the end of TNS all together.”


  • Michelle has left TNS East
  • Georgia is the 9th Member of TNS West.