New Starts is the first episode of The next Step season 1. This episode was aired on the 17th October 2017


A-Troupe auditions are held and dancers are looking forward to dancing at the next step


The high street of Toronto is shown. Then it cut to Studio A, Emily walks out and says (talking heads. Talking heads caption says Studio Head) “I have just started working here at the next step and since I am a previous member of A-Troupe I know what it is like at Regionals.“ A-Troupe auditioners enter studio A

Intro : Michelle and Piper, Skye And Robbie, Frazer and Henry, Daniela and Issac, Zoe and Faith, Callum and Lola.

In Studio A, the auditions begin. Emily announces that things are going to be done a bit different this year. In Group 1, Michelle, Piper, Heather, Amy, Ozzy and Kingston auditions. In Group two, Henry, Frazer, Elliot, Robbie, Lola and Cierra auditions. In Group 3 and last group is LaTroy, Henry, Cassie, Alfie , Issac, Skye, Faith, Zoe, Callum and Daniela Auditions. Emily says “I need to make my troupe.”

In Studio A, The auditionees waiting for Emily to announce the new team. Emily comes out from the office and announces A-Troupe. Emily says “on A-Troupe is Michelle, Piper, Skye, Frazer, Robbie, Daniela, Faith, Callum, Issac, Skye, Zoe and Lola.” Michelle says (Talking Heads. Talking heads caption says A-Troupe’s Dance Captain) “I am looking forward to seeing what these dancer are like.” Piper says (Talking Heads. talking heads caption says Former TNS West’s Dance Captain) “I am looking forward to dancing on A-Troupe this year.” Lola says (Talking Heads. Talking heads caption says Former B-Troupe Dancer.) “This morning I was a B-Trouper and now I am an A-Troupe.”

In studio 2, Members that didn't make the team head to their cubes to put their things in since they are now part of B-Troupe. Amy, Brania and Richelle talk about what happened last month with tns west and East.


  • Studio Head is Emily
  • Piper is the former TNS West Dance Captain.
  • Michelle is A-Troupe’s Dance Captain
  • This season was after season 5