Stand Together or We Fall Apart is the 7th episode of Season 1. This is the second episode of season 1. This was aired on the 29th October 2017.


Giselle and Emily holds audition for A-Troupe. Amy has left the studio. Piper feels the shock.


In Studio 1, A-Troupe is feeling down since Amy’s mom removed her from the studio. Emily and Giselle enters and says “I will be auditioning the team again.”

In Studio A, Stephanie says to the auditionees ”So what going to happen is that we are going to split the auditionees into two groups.” Abbey, Berkeley, Joshua, Andrew, Kylie, Jacquie, Winnie and Katie Enter the studio. Stephanie watches them and says “you are going onto the new A-Troupe.” Richelle, Lola, Rebecca, Frazer, Henry, Henry (Season 4), Daniela, Skye, Callum, Michelle, Kingston, Ozzy, Danielle auditions for A-Troupe.

In the office, Stephanie and emily choose the new A-Troupe. They enter studio a, Stephanie says “on A-Troupe we have Berkeley, Michelle, Henry, Frazer, Richelle, Lola, Abbey, Ozzy, Robbie, Skye, Kingston and Katie. Well done we have a long road head to regionals.”

In Studio A, Piper is Dancing to Faith. Piper says (talking heads caption says Contemporary Dancer) “I didn’t want to audition for the regionals team because I have done what I wanted to do at the next Step. It going to be hard but I think it is time to let everything go. Riley has offered me a dance career on a TV Show.” Michelle enters and says (Talking Heads caption says Oldest member of A-Troupe.) “Piper has grown so much as a dancer, being the dance captain of TNS West and A-Troupe it is going to be werid without Piper but that’s what she wants to do. Good luck Piper.” Piper leaves the studio.

in studio 1, Berkeley is dancing to home. Berkeley says (Talking Heads Caption says New A-Trouper.) “Jacquie has told me so much about the next step and now I am part of the regionals team.” Then A-Troupe enters with Emily. Emily says “since there are 12 of you, two Of you will be alternates and I have chosen Richelle and Michelle.” Michelle says “what (Talking Heads Caption says Alternate and Dance captain ) Being Dance Captain I am not to be a Alternate, I am not going to let this go.” Emily says “We need a new dance captain and i have chosen Berkeley as a new member of A-Troupe I thought it was time for you to lead this team to regionals.” Berkeley says (Talking Heads Caption says New Dance Captain) “i am the new dance captain of A-Troupe, we are going to win regionals.” Richelle says “come on Michelle let’s go. Since we are not needed.”

In Neutral Grounds, Richelle and Michelle are sat looking down then Riley enters. Riley says “what’s the matter.” Richelle says “your sister that what’s up.” Michelle says “she made us alternates.” Riley says “don’t worry about it. I have got a plan. (Talking Heads caption says TNS West’s Studio Head) Emily better be ready because we are coming for her and her group of Dancers.” In Studio A, Riley Meets Michelle, Richelle, Callum, Daniela, Kyle, Joshua, Ethan, Tara and Jacquie. Riley says “so who would like to join TNS west.” They all join. Then Emily enters with Cassie and Issac saying “we cannot have two b-troupers.” Riley says “sorry but we cannot have them on out team.”

In Studio A, Michelle is dancing to Faith. Michelle says ”Riley better take things into her hands otherwise we are not going to Regionals.” Then piper and Riley enter with TNS West. Then Emily enters with A-Troupe. Emily says “we are going to battle now and who wins goes to regionals.” Riley says “no we are going to choose 6 dancers to join together to create our regionals team so we don’t have two troupes.” Emily says “okay I choose Berkeley, Kingston, Lola, Henry, Frazer and Skye will be joining you.” Riley says “join them will be Michelle, Kyle, Tara, Ethan, Richelle and Daniela.”