Story of My Life is the 10th Episode of Season 1. It is the last episode of Season 1.


The Next Step gets crowded th regionals champions. A-Troupe Members leave. Michelle becomes captain


A-Troupe returns to the studio. In Studio 1, A-Troupe Starts dancing to Top Of the World. Berkeley says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “Winning Regionals was amazing.” Lola says (Talking Heads ) “winning regionals was amazing but it’s isn’t my home.” Richelle, Kingston, Ethan And Lola leave and the end pose is Michelle, Berkeley, Skye, Daniela, Frazer, Henry, Kyle and Tara.


In Studio A, Michelle Starts dancing to Golden Slumbers. Michelle says (talking Heads Caption says Dance Co-Captain.) “being Dance captain of A-Troupe is amazing and to be co-captain with Skye is better.” In Studio 1, Emily says “there will not be auditions for the nationals team but since there is three spots.” Rhys, Abbey, Rebecca enter. Emily says “ these three dancers will be joining the team until Nationals.”

In Neutral Grounds, Tara gets a Juice then Kyle enters. Tara says (Talking Heads Caption says Hip-Hop Dancer.) “Kyle is my best friend and we Have been together for a long time.” Then Skye enters and says “can you head to studio A.” In Studio A, Rhys, Rebecca and Abbey are dancing together. Then A-Troupe enters. Skye says “You guys are amazing but Since you are new to the studio.” Later that day, Michelle walks around Studio A and says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance captain) “Skye quit being dance captain but we are ready to nationals.”

In Studio 1, Rhys, Rebecca and Abbey Start dancing. Then they all say that they are not ready for nationals and they join B-Troupe. In Studio 2, Sarah enters the studio and starts dancing. Sarah says (Talking Heads Caption says B-Troupe Dancer) “at the next Step is the best I think it‘s Time to start thinking about my future and what I do next.”


  • Shorts episode of the next Step
  • A-Troupe now contains Michelle, Berkeley, Skye, Daniela, Frazer, Henry, Kyle and Tara.
  • Rhys, Rebecca, Abbey and Sarah are part of B-Troupe.
  • Skye step down from dance captain
  • Lola, Ethan, Kingston and Richelle have left A-Troupe.