Top Of The World is the 6th Episode of Season 1. This is the 1st episode of Season 1.5. This episode was aired on the 26th October 2017.


Zoe invites two new choreographers.


In Studio A, A-Troupe is dancing to Top Of The World. Amy says (Taliking Heads caption says Lyrical Dancer) “Things have been changing here at the next Step and things couldn’t feel any better.” Richelle says (Talking Heads caption says Arco Dancer) “I am glad to be back on A-Troupe and Things are going well and michelle is going to get us To Nationals after we win regionals.” Robbie says (Talking Heads caption says Arco Dancer) “being on A-Troupe is going to be amazing but we had to say goodbye to Issac.” Frazer says (Talking Heads Caption Says Hip-hop Dancer) “I think it‘s Time to fix things with the boys and Robbie.”

Intro : Michelle and Piper then Amy and Callum, Daniela and Kingston, Robbie and Skye, Richelle and Lola then Henry and Frazer.

In Studio A, Amy says to Kingston “well done for doing a good job on the new team.” Then Emily enters and says “Hi everyone, I have go some sad news Miss Kate has left the studio. And now that she is leaving I will be taking on the role of Studio Owner.” Michelle says (Talking Heads caption says Dance Captain) “I’m happy for Emily but this means things are going to change here at the Next Step.”In Studio 1, TNS elite is packing up their things. Issac says (Talking Heads caption says Former TNS Dancer) “I can not believe that my time at the next Step is over.” Rebecca says (Talking Heads caption says B-Troupe Dancer) “I am glad that the studios came together because there is no more fighting between studios.”

In Studio A, Skye is dancing to Home. Skye says (Talking Heads caption says Jazz Dancer) “being back at The Next Step is Amazing because I am back with my friends and nothing could change this.” Then Zoe enters and says ”Skye that was amazing. You should consider being dance captain.” In Neutral Grounds, Zoe Meets Michelle. Michelle says “hi how are you.” Zoe says “not good, I don’t have a head choreographer, do you know anyone.” Michelle says “no but I could find out.” Zoe says “okay can you You let me know by the end of the day.”

In Studio A, A-Troupe is waiting for Emily and Emily says “I have got two head choreographers.” Zoe says “who.” Emily says “well, only one person knows who they are Hunter and Giselle.“ Michelle says (Talking heads caption says Dance Captain) “I happy to see Hunter and Giselle again but it feels really weird to have them back again.” Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “having Giselle and Hunter as our head choreographers it is going to be amazing.” Then Emily says “sorry Zoe but I have brought in a new studio head, Stephanie.”

In Studio 1, Ozzy, Henry and Danielle are dancing. Henry says (Talking Heads caption says B-Troupe Dancer) “Being on B-Troupe isn’t where I wanted to be but it’s better because I don’t have to worry about regionals.” Then Piper enters.