We have only one chance at this is the 5th episode of Season 1. This episode was aired on the 25th October 2017.


Kate has to rethink her decision. Emily and Hannah untie and merge TNS East and West and creates TNS Elite. Zoe gets a new role.


In Studio A, United TNS is rehearsing. Skye says (Talking Heads caption says United TNS dancer)”being on this team is good but this means we will need a studio head and fast.” Piper says “well done everyone thank you. (Talking Heads caption says Contemporary Dancer) We need a studio Head because I have had to step in that role.”


In Studio 1, Hannah and the 7 Members of TNS West enter. Emily says “what are you doing here ?” Hannah says “well some of my and your dancers have made there own troupe and they are planning to show Kate that they deserve to Go to regionals.” Emily says (Talking Heads caption says TNS East‘s Studio Head) “i‘m In shock, so of my best have left my team.” Emily than says “way don’t we play them at their own game and join TNS East and West to together so we have a chance of beating them.” Zoe overhears the conversation and runs to Studio A.

Piper is sat in The office in studio a, Then Zoe comes running in. Piper says “what wrong Zoe?” Zoe says “Hannah and Emily know about what your doing?” Piper says (talking heaes) “this is not good, I need a new plan and I need to think fast or we will not go to regionals.” Thinking Piper says to Zoe “Zoe have you ever been Dance captain before.” Zoe says “no, why.” Piper says “well, I would like you to be the studio head of A-Troupe.” Zoe says “me, you want me to run the studio.” Piper says “yes, you. You will get happy from Michelle she was Studio Head.” Zoe says “okay I will do it.” Piper says “so you will enter the studio during rehearsal and tell Emily that you have a personal commitment and you have to leave.”

In Studio 1, Emily and Hannah are going through things for the battle against A-Troupe. Then Kate enters and says “what do you want to talk to me about that I had to rush back to the studio.” Emily says “well since your not letting anyone go to regionals, I thought you should know that Michelle and Piper have started to plan to get back to regionals.” Kate says “okay what’s wrong with that”. Emily says “well, they are going to regionals and you said no one is going to regionals.” Kate says “okay, where are they now.” Hannah says “Studio A.”

In Studio A, A-Troupe is rehearsing then Miss Kate and Emily enter the studio. Zoe says “what are you doing here. I am the studio head of this team.” Michelle says “what are you doing here Kate.” Kate, Michelle and Emily go into the office. Kate says “what are you two been doing to my studio.” Michelle says “well, we wanted to prove to you that we deserve to go to regionals.” Then Zoe enters and says “I am the studio head of A-Troupe. (Talking heads caption says A-Troupe’s Studio Head) If Miss Kate doesn’t like our idea all our hard work want’nt Work.” Kate says “okay, I would like to see your routine.”

In Studio A, Hannah and Emily watch A-Troupe perform. The music starts playing called Faith. A-Troupe shows Miss Kate that they deserve to go to regionals. Miss Kate says in Talking Heads “this is what the next step is about.” They finish their routine. Miss Kate says “wow, Zoe your team can go to regionals.” Michelle says “we did it we are going to regionals.” Kate then says “Emily and Hannah can you get your team toget her because I don’t need two teams anymore.” Emily says (Talking Heads caption says Former TNS Elite Studio Head) “this is not over and Zoe better know what she doing because she is now in charge.”


  • Untied TNS becomes A-Troupe
  • Zoe is the studio head
  • TNS East and West have been Disbanded
  • Emily and Hannah are no longer Studio heads.