Falling Apart is the 4th episode of Season 1


A-Troupe holds a dance a thon. Sloane and Skylar returns to choreography a routine.


In Studio A, Michelle tells A-Troupe to get to work. A-Troupe starts rehearsing for regionals. Samantha says "this is a very good routine." Sophie says "I Started dancing at the next step when I was 5 and now I am part of A-Troupe." Daniel says "my parents were dancers here and now they are touring the world." Piper enters from seeing James. Then Sloane and Skylar enter and says "we are here to help choreography a routine for regionals."

Intro: Michelle, Amy and Piper then Rebecca and Daniel then Cameron and Will then Jessica and Jessie Then Sophie and Liam then Samantha and Kylie. End pose is Kylie, Samantha, Will, Cameron, Michelle, Piper, Amy, Rebecca, Liam, Jessie, Jessica, Sophie and Daniel.

In Studio A, Liam, Jessica and jessie are rehearsing a trio. Sloane and Skylar suggest that they start from the back and then start making their way to the front of the stage. In Studio 1, B-Troupers are dancing. Phil says "This is a new year and I will need to work really hard to make it on to A-Troupe." Wilson says "Me and Blake were best friends and now she is at a new studio." Jenny says "I had to quit A-Troupe because I don't feel ready to start going to competitions."

Later that day In Studio A, Michelle asks the dancers to perform their finals routine. Top of the world starts playing. The first dancer to the enter the floor is Kylie. Kylie says "it is going to be hard to become regionals Champions again since dance inc is the current Champions and we need to win otherwise the studio will close again." Then Samantha comes out onto the floor. Samantha says "It is a new beginning for the next step and we need win against the other teams." Then Daniel enters the floor, he says "This my new Start and I cannot wait to go to regionals with my new team." Then Will enters the floor, he says "I am ready for anything even if we don't win." Jessie enters the floor and says "This is my new Start and I am looking forward to dancing at regionals." Liam enters the floor and says "I am not technica dancer but I have had some training in arco so I think I will do fine." Cameron enters the Floor and says "I have been dancing for a very long time but I have never been on a competition team before and I can't for Regionals." Jessica says " this is my home and I need to get to regionals." Rebecca says " I was Dance captain and now I am just a dancer." Sophie says "only two weeks ago I was a b-trouper and now I am on A-Troupe." A-Troupe performs a group section together. End pose, Will, Jessie, Liam, Jessica, Rebecca, Kylie, Samantha, Daniel, Cameron and Sophie. Then Amy enters and says "I no longer want to be Head choreographer since I am becoming a professional dancer."


  • Jessie and Jessica are Acro dancers
  • Cameron, Kylie, Daniel, Sophie and Samantha are the contemporary dancers
  • Rebecca is a jazz dancer
  • Will and Liam are hip hop dancers
  • Amy is know a professional dancer.