Emily Riley season 2 episode 17 "What is this?! This is a mess!"

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The old troupe dance and reflect on their past dance season and everyone gets ready for The Next Step auditions for the troupe


Stephanie, Michelle, Giselle, Chloe, Sally, Samantha, Eldon, Jamie, Sebastian, Emily, Paige and Jessica are dancing to A-Side an they reflect on their poor performance last year at regionals.

The theme song is Michelle and Paige then Jessica and Emily then Eldon and Jamie then Stephanie and Chloe then Sally and Samantha then Sebastian and Giselle. Ending position is Jessica, Eldon, Emily, Giselle, Stephanie, Paige, Eldon, Sebastian, Sally, Samantha and Jamie.

The audition then begin. Kate and Phoebe split the auditionees into 4 groups. The first one is Michelle, Paige, Emily, Jamie, Lexi and Sally. The second is Samantha,Giselle, Eldon, Noah, Richelle and Jessica. The third is Alex, Samuel, Lola, Zara, Jacqui and Sloane. The fourth group is Sebastian, Stephanie, Riley, Taylor, Gabriella, Carmen, Katie, Nancy, Piper and Lila

They all perform Choreography to the song Jesty. Then their is the freestyle round where all the dancers dance to the song Stand up and then Kate and Pheobe go into their offices to talk about the auditions.

Sebastian and Stephanie are saying how easy the auditions where and how they know that they are going to be on the troupe this year. Michelle and Emily are talking about how Chloe got offered a place and a worldwide dance tour and she is following her dreams.

Miss Kate calls Michelle and says to tell everyone to go to Studio 1 now so she does. Miss Kate thanks all th dancers for auditioning and then she puts the list of names on the board.