Pick yourself up is the 5th episode of Season 1


An A-Trouper quits. Riley, James and West returns to choreography a routine.


In Neutral Ground, Piper is sat drinking a juice then michelle enters and suggest that they need a new Choreographer. Then Michelle says that James, Riley and West will be the guest choreographer.

Intro: Michelle, Amy and Piper then Rebecca and Daniel then Cameron and Will then Jessica and Jessie Then Sophie and Liam then Samantha and Kylie. End pose is Kylie, Samantha, Will, Cameron, Michelle, Piper, Amy, Rebecca, Liam, Jessie, Jessica, Sophie and Daniel.

In Studio A, Samantha, Kylie, Rebecca, Cameron, Liam, Jessica and Will. Rebecca says "I am find this choreography hard and I don't think i will be ready." Kylie says "as Dance captain I need to make sure that everyone is at the same level but Rebecca isn't I need to do something about this." Michelle is sat in the office. Then Kylie enters and says "Rebecca is struggling with the choreography." Michelle says "okay can you send her here please."

In the office, Michelle and Rebecca are talking. Rebecca says (In Talking heads) "the reason why I struggle with the choreography is because at Dance Extreme we didn't choreograph any of the routines until a week before the competition." Michelle suggests "why don't you go a do a solo and I will deal with the routine."

In Studio 1, Rebecca is dancing and then Owen enters. Owen says to Rebecca that she needs someone to help with the choreography. Rebecca says that it is nice but she says that she would rather be on her own. She carries on dancing. Rebecca says "I think I need to leave, I don't fit in and it is going to change. I have decided to leave the next step."

A-Troupe is chatting, then Owen enters and says "Rebecca has quit the studio and will not be going to regionals anymore." Michelle says "what do we do now?, We are down to 9 dancers and regionals we need 10." Kylie says "what do we do now we need her in our routine." Then a new girl enters. Caitlin says "Are the auditions in here?" Michelle says "wait, what is she doing here?"


  • Rebecca has quit A-Troupe
  • Caitlin arrives at the next step
  • West is the new head choreographer